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Lucifer - How Well Do you Know The Deckerstar?

Lucifer - How Well Do you Know The Deckerstar?

Lucifer - How Well Do you Know The Deckerstar Quiz
Welcome back Nation TV. Deckerstar is that the OTP between the detective Chloe Decker and therefore the devil Lucifer Morningstar from the television program Lucifer. It all started when Chloe met Lucifer during a murder investigation of a lady named Deliah who was a lover of Lucifer. The case catches Lucifer’s attention and when he sees Chloe resisting his devilish charms, he becomes curious about her and decides to participate in the investigation.

During the finale of Lucifer season 4, it had been revealed by him that Chloe Decker is his first real love. albeit Lucifer addresses Chloe as a detective, but he calls her Chloe whenever he feels emotional about her. Lucifer isn't an enormous fan of children, but he loves Chloe’s daughter Trixie and would do anything to guard her against any harm.

Lucifer defended Chloe whenever anyone acted disrespectfully towards her. albeit Chloe was super annoyed by Lucifer’s antics, she does enjoy working with Lucifer as she uses his specific skills and devilish charms to seek out answers to crack the case.

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So what proportion did you score on the quiz? Do share your score result with us by commenting below the article. Also, we might wish to know who is your favorite couple Lucifer and why so? Don’t forget to share this quiz with the Lucifer fandom.

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