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Lucifer Season 6 Renewal Details

Lucifer Season 6 Renewal Details

Lucifer Season 5 Renewal Details
Welcome Back Nation Tv, After the previous reporting suggested Netflix series Lucifer might be renewed for a surprise season 6, new deals for showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have made a continuation even more likely. Lucifer is one among TV's rare instances of a series getting canceled, only to be saved by another network or streamer. in the case of the Devil-centered drama, it aired 3 seasons on Fox before airing its 4 Season on Netflix. The streaming giant later saved Lucifer up for season 5 and final season, originally consisting of 10 episodes, before Netflix ordered 6 more. many teases about season 5 have already made their way online, including that skilled TV actor Dennis Haysbert will play God.

Though Lucifer season 4 aired in May 2019, fans have seen its main character since then; star Tom Ellis popped over to The CW for a quick cameo during its Crisis on Infinite Earths event. Though many assumed a Lucifer appearance was coming after Ellis was spotted on set, the actor spun an excuse to take care of the surprise. His role was a little one due to how various guest actors appeared within the five-part crossover. However, because of his fun interaction with Matt Ryan's John Constantine, Lucifer's cameo still managed to pack a punch.
Recently, the buzz of an unexpected season 6 renewal for Lucifer has become louder. a fortnight ago, news came out that Netflix was considering extending Lucifer beyond season 5, entering talks with Warner Bros, the studio that produces the show. Fan support is assumed to possess played a task, an equivalent way it did when the series was originally canceled by Fox. Per TVLine, the new deals for showrunners Modrovich and Henderson ensure they'll be around for season 6, if the series does get renewed by Netflix. Ellis hasn't reached an agreement with Warner Bros. as of now but is predicted to. this suggests the key players are going to be around for season 6, if it does come to fruition.

Though still rare, renewals, after the Series has already been canceled, do happen. However, in most cases, it involves a network or streamer saving a show from another, as Netflix did previously with Lucifer. It doesn't often happen that a streamer or network announces the cancellation of 1 of its shows only to reverse the choice later. Recently, it happened with Timeless on NBC, which was canceled after season 1 then renewed again three days later. However, therein case, its renewal was short-lived, as NBC canceled the show for real after season 2, airing a 2-part finale several months later to supply closure.

With this news of the latest deals for Lucifer's showrunners, it seems more likely than ever that the show is going to be renewed for season 6. If that does happen, it'll probably be a minimum of 2021 before viewers see those episodes, as season 5 doesn't even have a release date yet. Hopefully, everything works out with Ellis and Warner Bros., ensuring fans get to spend longer with Lucifer and their other favorite characters.

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