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Lucifer - Characters Sorted into Game of Thrones Houses

Lucifer - Characters Sorted into Game of Thrones Houses
Can you guess what Lucifer and Game of Thrones TV shows have in common? Well, except for the fact that they both belong to the fantasy genre ... not much. This did not prevent many fans from wondering how Lucifer characters would do in Westeros, whether they could survive the game of thrones and where would they find their new homes, in which home.

The world of the HBO hit series is occupied by multiple noble houses, some of which are more influential than others. Let's take a look at some of Lucifer’s most important characters in Game of Thrones houses.

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Ella Lopez: House Tyrell

Ella Lopez works as a forensic scientist at LAPD. She started the show in his second season but soon became an important part of the team. Ella is a petite but brave woman who can seem very giddy and genius, but there is more to her than meets the eye. She has a turbulent and darker past that has much to do with her family.

Ella is a caring person but sometimes she has problems making the right choice and she can also be socially embarrassing when dealing with others. She talks very quickly, her mind seems to spin a million miles per minute, but it can also be more cunning and dangerous than it will give her credit. All this makes her an excellent member of House of Tyrell's house known for his ambition, skill and strong female members.

Dr. Linda Martin: House Of Glover

Dr. Linda Martin is a certified and experienced psychiatrist who meets Lucifer in the first episode and begins a love affair with him. Lucifer is her patient at the same time but in the end, they stop their relationship and become friends instead. Linda is smart and takes care of her friends a lot, but she can also make mistakes and is known to act recklessly from time to time. She falls in love with Amenadiel and has a child with him.

She seems to be very dedicated to her job but she can also just relax and enjoy with her friends. It's not hard to imagine that Dr. Linda might be a good match for the less known House of Glover which is very loyal and very forthright, just like Linda who doesn't want to mince her words from time to time, especially when dealing with really stubborn patients (like Lucifer).

Beatrice Espinoza: House Of Mormont

Beatrice Espinoza, known as "Trixie", is the young daughter of Chloe and Dan. Trixie lives with her mother but she also loves to spend time with her father ... and with Lucifer, a fact Dan is not very passionate about. Trixie is a curious and intelligent kid with a sense of humor that makes friends easily and is not afraid to climb into bullying and people who harm others.

When viewers meet her for the first time, she is in trouble because she punched a classmate who was bothering other children. Trixie may be small but brave and fierce so she will definitely be good among brave women in House of Mormont, just like her mother.

Mazikeen Smith: House Of Martell

Mazikeen Smith, also known as "Maze", is a demon, daughter of Lilith and Lucifer Right hand. she follows Lucifer from hell to earth and finds a new home there. Mazikeen can also be unsure of how to interact with people like demons and other angels, as she tends to solve all her problems with violence or brutal physical strength. It's strong, smart and excellent in combat, but she also has a softer side that she eventually shows in the series.

she falls in love with Amenadiel then Eve's Lucifer ex-girlfriend. Mazikeen is very loyal to her friends, and if you combine this character with her great fighting skills, it belongs to the House of Martell.

Amenadiel: House Of Stark

Amenadiel is the older brother of Lucifer who comes to Earth to bring his younger brother back to hell. Amenadiel failed in his mission and decided to remain on earth also to watch Lucifer. He is embarrassed when dealing with humans at first, but he finally learns how to behave around them and even find new friends.

In later Lucifer seasons, he started dating Linda and they have a son together. Amenadiel is very loyal to the family, loyal, and generally good-hearted, but he can also allow his rule to blind him from time to time, then he makes unnecessary mistakes, just like House of Stark members.

Daniel Espinoza: House Of Martell

Daniel "Dan" Espinoza is Chloe's ex-husband and father of her daughter Trixie. Dan is usually a kind-hearted and friendly man, but he also has a darker side that sometimes comes out. He is not as strict as his wife nor does he bother to hide his disgust from Lucifer, although they work well together with the duo, Dan still doesn't trust Lucifer.

When he loves someone, Dan can be very loyal to him and do his best, and to be a good father as well as a policeman. His loyalty to his family and his job are the main reason behind Daniel Espinoza's would fit with the House of Martell and his physical appearance.

Chloe Decker: House Of Mormont

Chloe Decker is an LAPD homicide detective. She and Lucifer begin as reluctant allies, but eventually, they become true friends, and so they later fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, they only admit their true feelings while Lucifer is about to return to Hell.

Chloe is excellent at working as a detective and raising her daughter Trixieas a divorced mother. She has an excellent work ethic, is empathizes with people and cares deeply about her family and friends. It is also a real badass, not afraid to face danger. That is why it would be hugely appropriate in the House of Mormont which full of female warriors.

Lucifer Morningstar: House Of Lannister

The show would not be the same without his titular character, the Lord of Hell himself, Lucifer Morningstar, as played by the actor Tom Ellis. Lucifer is a very complex hero, initially only interested in himself but eventually proving to be more complicated than he likes to show him to the general public. Lucifer can be womanizer, impulsive and disrespectful, but also clever, smart, cunning and charming. He is very ambitious and not afraid to use any means necessary to achieve his goal.

Plus, he's always paying off his debt and he's known for providing deals to people, just like Lannister's home. In the comics, Lucifer is blonde and light-eyes, which also fits the physical description of Lanesters.

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