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Which Lucifer is More Evil - Lucifer or Supernatural

Which Lucifer is More Evil - Lucifer or Supernatural
When it comes to bad guys, in the end, there is no comparison who is really worse. Lucifer was blamed for all the bad things that happened in the world. Any evil act is done in his name and it is said that any insulting thought to him is whispering in the ears of humanity.

So when it comes to filming it on TV, which version of him is the most sinister, the evilest and the most human? When it comes to the Supernatural version of Lucifer and how Lucifer is portrayed in the show of his own name, it is up for debate just truly, who is the Lord of Darkness?

Ranking And Comparing The Different Portrayals Of The Devil Lucifer

Lucifer: Which One Is Better With Children?

Which Lucifer Is Better With Children

The Devil in Lucifer was repulsed by the children. He cannot stand them touches his skin. When he talks to Trixi's Chloe daughter his partner, he constantly asks her to do bad things. She is almost relishing in the fact that she may do what he says to her. While Lucifer is supernatural it is less complicated when it comes to children, especially his son. Initially, Lucifer wants Jack to look at him, but he's willing to sacrifice him to regain his powers. So this category goes to Satan supernatural.

Supernatural: Which One Is Less Loyal?

Which Lucifer Is Less Loyal

The supernatural devil is only loyal to himself. He doesn't even try to appear loyal to anyone. When it comes to his relationship with his son Jack, Lucifer tries to win him with a fatherly bonding experience, but he never lets him think that he will not give him up if he takes advantage of his goals. However, Lucifer's Devil is more loyal to those he cares about. He may have selfish tendencies from time to time, but he will take a bullet for someone he loves. Supernatural Lucifer does not have a faithful bone in his body.

Lucifer: Which One Is More Conceited?

Which Lucifer  Is More Conceited

Lucifer in Lucifer was blinded by Lucifer by his self-image. He believes that it is the greatest creation that God made, and because he did not acknowledge perfection, he hates it. As much as his sexual prowess, Lucifer is confused when turned down, believing that no woman can resist his alluring charm.
Lucifer is in the supernatural also stuck on himself but isn't his arrogant behavior that appears throughout the show, but it is his hatred towards God and humanity that drives him. The Devil in Lucifer is more conceited.

Supernatural: Which One Would Kill Without A Second Thought?

 Which Lucifer Would Kill Without A Second Thought

Lucifer in Lucifer is not afraid to kill someone who feels guilty about the punishment. In fact, it reveals the idea of torturing them forever. However, it is not by its nature to kill an innocent person, and in some cases, he appears completely shattered upon hearing of a murder victim. However, Satan in the supernatural kills the innocent left and right without even flinching. His killing humans is the same as crushing flies, and this is done without regret. Lucifer in the supernatural is more than a killer.

Lucifer: Which One Is Open To Redemption?

Which Lucifer Is Open To Redemption

Lucifer in the supernatural seems to have come to terms with who he is and what he did. He doesn't question his behavior and does not ask for forgiveness. It is a goal-oriented demon that treats the apocalypse as a commercial decision. However, he has shown that he is open to sitting with God and hashing their problems. Lucifer in Lucifer never really grasps that he committed anything wrong in which he deserved to be forgiven or to seek forgiveness. So Lucifer in Lucifer wins this round.

Supernatural: Which One Would Destroy Humanity?

Which Luicfer Would Destroy Humanity

Destruction of God's creation is Satan from the sole supernatural purpose. He is angry about being cast aside by God, which makes him ready to snuff existence right out, even if it takes out him with it. While Lucifer in Lucifer is so caught up in himself that he does not take the time to think about destroying humanity. In fact, he appears to enjoy the vices that go along with humans.
Without humans, life would be boring, and Lucifer isn't one to be bored. Therefore, the devil of the supernatural is the more genocidal of the two.

Lucifer: Which One Takes Responsibility For His Own Actions?

Which Lucifer Takes Responsibility For His Own Actions

In the supernatural, Lucifer would say it's god's mistake was more concerned with humanity than he did about the angels that caused him to act out. However, his actions are on him and not about to back from owning up to them.

Sadly, Lucifer in Lucifer never owns up to his crimes. In his eyes, his actions are completely justified because it was someone else who forced his hand. He may regret what he did, but he will never accept responsibility for it. Lucifer in Lucifer wins again.

Supernatural: Which One Is The Most Careless With Lives?

Which Luicfer Is The Most Careless With Lives

Satan from the supernatural is closer to the Bible Satan. He is ready to watch the world burning as if that means he is allowed to rule. Humans are but cattle to him. Their lives are meaningless and the lives of most angels are meaningless. He would rule the dead if that meant achieving his goals. As for Lucifer in the Lucifer TV show, he does not seek to harm others, because all he wants is freedom from the restrictions his father placed on him. Supernatural Lucifer wins this round.

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Lucifer: Which One Is Worse To His Servants In Hell?

Which Luicfer Is Worse To His Servants In Hell

For anyone who has seen Lucifer or supernatural, this seems clear. Satan in Supernatural is by far the cruelest of the two. However, Satan in the supernatural does not like and does not hate those in his domain, so he does not even care about their existence at all. While Lucifer appears to have a fetish to torture. He believes that his job and responsibility are to enact punishment on damned people and he keeps a tidy ship. Even Lucifer in Lucifer wins this round, too.

Both Supernatural And Lucifer: Which One Would Kill His Own Kind?

Which Luicfer Would Kill His Own Kind

Lucifer in the TV series Lucifer loves his brother. While he is upset, he does not wish to hurt on his own kind. He just wants them to understand his side of the story. As far as Satan is from the supernatural, he has a complex history when it comes to its type. He considers only a few angels his brothers, the ones who served them and were created with them.

He grieved their deaths but he was ready to do what was necessary to further his goals. This category is a tie between the two.

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