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Legacies - How Well Do you Know Lizzie Saltzman (Quiz)

Legacies - How Well Do you Know Lizzie Saltzman (Quiz)
Welcome back to NationTV. Lizzie Saltzman or Elizabeth Jenna Saltzman is one of the main characters in the "Legacies" who is a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries. She and Josie are twins born in difficult situations. Their father is Alaric Saltzman and her biological mother Josette while Caroline is their surrogate mother. They were transported by magic to Caroline's womb in the Vampire Diaries so they could be safe from their uncle, Kay Parker.

Lizzie Saltman seems very mean in Salvatore but those who know her well know she has a good heart. She loves to be the center of affection and takes great care of her parents and twin sister Josie. When there is any problem with them or at school, she always comes up for help and she likes to be the hero. She hated Hope for so long because Hope sometimes steals her lights and she hates it when it happens.

Lizzie Saltzman Quiz
She had some interests of love in the show as well and at first, she liked Rafael who was a magical wolf and was new to the supernatural School. Lizzie tried to get close to him but he had other interests. Once they hooked in the gym, but that was a one-time thing for him. Lizzie finally managed to get past him but she felt bad because she couldn't get out with him.

Then in season two, she met a vampire named Sebastian who took her heart in just one second. She fell for him on the spot and he even loved her. Things got a little crazy between them, but she was really in love with him. We all thought Sebastian was bad for Lizzie, but when he sacrificed himself to save Alaric, he really got her respect as well and Lizzie felt sad when the prison world collapsed with Sebastian in it. Let's see what Lizzie has in store for herself now.

So Let's Take This Amazing Quiz and let's See how Well Do You Know Lizzie Shall We

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