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5 ways Caroline's Return would Change Legacies for the Better (And 5 for The Worse )

5 ways Caroline's Return would Change Legacies for the Better (And 5 for The Worse )
Legacies, the spin-off from both Vampier Diaries and the Originals, includes the Supernatural of both the Vampire Diaries and the original characters as they try to navigate the world and the powers they inherited. While Hope, who was presented as the main character in the first season, is an orphan, Gemini twins are not. Their father, Alaric, is the principal of the Salvatore School for Young and Gifted Students where Super Students are safe to practice / learn their abilities.

Meanwhile, Caroline is still alive, but she was out of the camera. We saw other characters talking about or talking to her on the phone (although we have never heard her voice). But to a large extent, Caroline is missing from the Legacies Should She return to the show or not? In what ways can her return be good for the show, and in what ways will she be bad?

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For The Better: Deepen The Connection To Mystic Falls History

Deepen The Connection To Mystic Falls History
Why do you have the Legacies in Mystic Falls if they don't build on the town's history? Mystic Falls was almost like an additional character in The Vampire Diaries. For a small town, it has had a history of Supernatural. The citizens were also so attached to it, that they were not blind to the possibility of vampires. Currently, Mystic Falls works as merely a surface backdrop. Really, the school can be anywhere.

Caroline could help the show to communicate more with its setting and history in the city. After all, she is from one of the original families.

For The Worse: Stir The Suspicions Of The Locals

Stir The Suspicions Of The Locals
Caroline, being a vampire, hasn't aged. While she may be dressed as older, she looks the same since she became a vampire. Since she is from an original family and was a famous Mystic Falls resident, this will raise doubts. Locals can look at her picture when she is crowned Miss Mystic Falls and notice that she doesn't look much different. Knowing that she is a teenager's mother will not match her teenage appearance.

While locals may initially dismiss her young appearance into good genes, it may raise doubts and may threaten student safety at school, something Caroline never wants to do.

For The Better: Give Her Credit For Starting The School

Give Her Credit For Starting The School
Alaric continues to tell people that he started school, and has not given any credit to Caroline. Together they started to keep their daughters and other supernatural children safe. In addition, the school is housed in the mansion of the deceased Caroline's husband, Stefan. Moreover, Klaus donated a lot of money to Caroline to help at the school Salvatore, and because of Caroline Klaus felt comfortable staying there. Klaus would never have done that if Alaric had just run the school, and without that money, as we saw in one of Lizzie's visions of alternative timelines, the school wouldn't have worked well.

Caroline still helps to manage and maintain the school from afar. she deserves some credit.

For The Worse: May Not Fit The Tone Of The Show

May Not Fit The Tone Of The Show
The vampire diaries were darker and more exciting than Legacies. It's not that Legacies doesn't have its moments, especially with Dark Josie, but in general, it comes in a lighter tone.  We have had a parasite-infested and a villain who seemed more camp than drama. Caroline comes from a darker show and a dark origin story.

After Katherine turned her into a vampire in a power move, Damon almost killed her. Before turning into a vampire, Damon used it. Later, Elena married her friend Damon. While Caroline was often funny and light moments, much of her story is very dark.

For The Better: Bring Back Cameos From Other OGs

 Bring Back Cameos From Other OGs

with Elena and Bonnie in Mystic Falls, but we don't see them on Legacies, but Bonnie Still was Contact with Caroline, and if Caroline is coming Back to the Show, she might bring other Vampire Diaries Character's to the show, that would be amazing to see how well their 
Friendships once again or the with the Time their Relationship faded away

Also, we can see Caroline share the stories and memories of Klaus in order to help his daughter Hope. If Caroline is on display, she can let us see our favorite characters, what happened to their lives, and how they relate to each other both in real life and in memories.

For The Worse: Would Make Us Long For More OGs

Would Make Us Long For More OGs
On the other hand, while bringing OGs could be good, it could also take over the current show. Legacies is a young series, and we only get to know the characters. The Squad is just coming into its story and power.

If many OG floods the show, it might make him a second vampire Diaries, rather than Legacies. OGs may take the story and attention away from supernatural students, overshadowing them.

For The Better: See Her Connections With Her Daughters

See Her Connections With Her Daughters
We know her two daughters love and admire her, and looks forward to her for guidance. Caroline helps Lizzie control the crazy gene that threatens her. She helps as a model for Lizzie, she shows her how to be a good person. In Season Two, Josie Caroline is called in for direction when Josie tends not to bring everyone's memories of hope back. This is when Josie was stepping into the darkness, just a little bit. What Caroline told her made Josie realize that she needed to bring back everyone's memories.

Now that Josie becomes Dark, this is an important time for Caroline to get back. She has constantly helped Lizzie control her darkness, and she can help Josie.

For The Worse: Could Overshadow Alaric

Could Overshadow Alaric
Alaric is the person who controls the school for its everyday functions. Discipline issues come to him, such as dealing with the horrors of everyday life. The students seem to be in contact with him. Alaric also made some very bad decisions, such as sending students with problems to the prison world where Kai resided.

Caroline is very pragmatic. We could see her keeping the school better than Alaric, and we doubt that she would send students to the prison world, especially since Kai was still there. Because Caroline could be better at making these decisions and she is a very interesting character, she can overshadow Alaric.

For The Better: The Threats To Her Daughters

The Threats To Her Daughters
Caroline loves her daughters. They have been threatened by Kai, however, she did not return. Josie is now Dark Josie, yet, she did not return. All this does not make sense for her personality. Caroline, a loyal mother, will be there for her daughters.

Now, Dark Josie has threatened the merge, which has speed it. Luckily, hope came with an alternative plan, stopping merging. However, this threat will return. All days on Caroline's search must be a thing, we don't want the twins to deal with the merge again when they're 22 years old.

For The Worse: Could Take Over The Show

Could Take Over The Show
Just like Kai, Caroline is more interesting than many other characters. We saw her change in Vampire Diaries from a shallow side character to one of the sympathetic and kindest characters on the show. At the end of the show, she was a fan favorite.

If she was on Legacies, she can take over the series. Supernatural students are still developing their own arc; they had no time to reach the level of growth that Caroline's character achieved in the Vampire Diaries. In addition, fans may want to focus on Caroline more than supernatural students and change the focus of the show.

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