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Legacies - How Well Do You Remember Legacies Season One?

Legacies - How Well Do You Remember Legacies Season One?

How Well Do You Remember Legacies Season One?

Welcome Back Nation, Today we have Legacies Topic Legacies is a spinoff from The Vampire Diaries And The Originals Legacies Started in The Salvatore School For the young and gifted Supernatural people but Legacies Took us in another way  

Started with Hope Mikaelson and Landon Kirby and Josie And Lizzie Saltzman and Professor Alaric and other young and gifted in The School after The Originals Ended Legacies Started So even Vampire Diaries universe is not Safe for Children  Malivore is a New Threat To The School And The Only One that Can Stop him Is Hope Mikaelson 

 So a lot of things happened in Legacies Season 1 and we gonna have a Quiz on How Well Do You Remember Legacies Season 1 

So Tell Us How Well Do You Remember The Show 

All The Types Of Vampires In V Wars Explained

Lizzie Saltzman

Lizzie appears to be a typical high school mean girl, underneath bubbles darkness that can't go unaddressed. Given both her sinister lineage and therefore the questionable biology that accompanies it, Lizzie possesses the facility to render great harm unto the planet if her behavior continues to travel unchecked. During the varsity election for the respected council, she expected to win and felt betrayed when Josie won instead. She only saw how she was slighted rather than being happy for her sister. Lizzie is additionally a narcissist with a fragile ego that hates when she doesn't have her father's full attention.

During Summer break, Lizzie underwent intense behavioral therapy. She met with medical professionals and healers to assist treat her manic depression. She made great strides and began to treat herself et al. with more respect. She even supported Josie in her magical endeavors rather than feeling threatened by her sisters' progress. This was made worse when she was possessed by an oni, and she or he even expressed a desire to die as she didn't want to measure during a mentally unstable state anymore. When Lizzie realized she wasn't hallucinating, she was ready to regain a healthier psychological state while being an equivalent witty, fun, and brutally honest girl she always was.


At first, Malivore did not have a personality, only an insatiable hunger to consume the supernatural creatures that it encountered; with the sole exception to not harm werewolves, witches, and vampires. It eventually turned on its creators before they might dissolve Malivore effectively, and was heralded as a "god" for doing away with the creatures that harmed humans. Malivore also became lonely and desired a companion, but eventually rejected the creations it had made, one among which came to be referred to as Ryan Clarke.

While it had been dissolved, when Malivore had also consumed humans, it also wanted to make the right son continue its legacy. consistent with Ryan, Malivore showed sympathy to Seylah for what Triad had done to her.

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