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Legacies - How Well Do You Know Josie Saltzman (Quiz)

Legacies - How Well Do You Know Josie Saltzman (Quiz)
Welcome back to NationTV. Josie Saltzman is twin Lizzie Saltzman and has a gentler heart while her sister is like a storm. Josie takes care of every person she loves and puts their feeling first and not hers. She belongs to Gemini coven and at the age of 22 they must do the Merge and in this process, the weaker person dies. We saw in an episode that Josie was stronger than Lizzie who was shocked. Alaric and Caroline are doing their best to avoid this merge because they don't want to lose any of their daughters.

Apart from that, Josie's personal life was completely mixed. When the series started, we saw that Josie put her ex-girlfriend Penelope on fire as she was kissing someone else. However, we thought Josie was gay, but then we saw some sparkling chemistry between Raphael and Josie later which convinced us that Josie was definitely a sexual person. It was good to see Raphael and Josie have a great time but she retreated because Lizzie had a big crush on the new wolf. We felt bad for Josie but then we saw her with Penelope again and it was good to see someone thinking about Josie. But when Penelope leaves after the first season, we feel bad for Josie as she now has no one watching her back.
Legacies - Josie Saltzman Quiz

In Season Two when hope disappears and people forget about her, we see some chemistry between Landon and Josie. Josie and Landon were really happy with each other and were really serious about their relationship. They even tried to cement their relationship but this couldn't happen. But Josie got to know Hope, she could have avoided her to save her relationship but nonetheless, she restored everyone's memory. Then the obvious happened and Landon left her to get back to hope. It was really heartbreaking for Josie fans but Josie is still strong and doesn't let anything come between her and her feelings. This showed us that Josie is really the best person and loves everyone unconditionally.


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