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Avengers - Endgame Concept Art Thanos Destroying Captain America Shield

Avengers - Endgame Concept Art Thanos Destroying Captain America Shield

Avengers: Endgame -Thanos Destroying Captain America Shield
An alternative version of Thanos that destroys the Captain America shield is revealed thanks to the art of the newly-emerging concept of Avengers: Endgame. After their devastating loss of Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity WarMCU heroes have another crack in his face, and with a more united front, they are luckily able to get past them. With the successful Time Heist mission, everyone who died from snap five years ago - including their allies - returned, giving them a needed boost against Thanos and his followers. However, before their return, the task of dropping Mad Titan was only on Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

The MCU's three main heroes are were separately for the most part of the Infinity War, so seeing them as a team was fun for the fans. However, it was not an easy battle, as Thanos easily managed to defeat each of them. At one point, Mad Titan was able to destroy the Captain America shield - and cut it into half while using his battle Axe. Apparently, the scene could have gone differently as revealed in a new concept illustration for Endgame.

Ryan Maynering, head of the visual development division of Marvel Studios, is sharing an illustration of how Captain America Shield was destroyed by Mad Titan. Instead of the Mad Titan breaking it to half, the villain would have punched it directly, smashing the shield from the center. Check out the art of the end game concept below that was shared on his official Instagram account.

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This moment would have looked great on the big screen, especially for Thanos, because he didn't need His Axe to destroy Vibranium's typically indestructible shield. He would have effectively reinforced just how strong even without the help of Infinity Stones, and that would have come at a good time considering that much of the Endgame game that led up to this was focused on heroes. However, this scene had robbed Captain America, a subtle moment that sums up everything one should know about him. In the movie, after his Shield was cut in half and he was on the ground, he didn't think about surrendering. Instead, he tightened the straps of his broken shield, signaling that he had every intention of continuing to fight despite the odds of winning it. Fortunately, the backup came just in time to help him, Iron Man and Thor against Thanos.

Maybe Steve Rogers is no longer in MCU, but his legacy Captain America will go on with Sam Wilson - his personal choice to carry the iconic shield. Sam's adventures will be dated as the next embodiment of Star-Spangled Avenger in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is set after Avengers: Endgame. His assumption as the next wielder of the shield does not seem like it's going to be a walk in the park, however, with external factors that make things difficult for him to carry out the responsibility bestowed to him by Steve.

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