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5 Reasons Why Legacies is Better Than The Originals

5Reasons Why Legacies is Better Than The Originals

5 Reasons Why Legacies is Better Than The Originals

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Welcome Back Nation TV, Even After Vampire Diaries Ended from 3 Years ago, still the Fans Liked it so much they even watched the Spinoff of this Show Like The Originals Was Spinoff from The Vampire Diaries and After The Original Ended To New Spinoff Legacies who Gathered both Kids from Vampire Diaries And The Originals to Continue Their Legacies so let's see list to know why Legacies is Better than his Competition Spinoff The Originals

5. It may feature Elena and Damon’s child

Legacies is all About The Kids with Special Powers Supernatural, we saw Alaric Twins Josie And Lizzie Talks about Elena And Damon's Children in the Previous Episodes, The show didn't end in Damon Children only but also Recently Freya Mikaelson Son With Keelin Who They Named After the Original Hybrid Klaus (Nik) we Hope that they bring Damon And Freya Children on The Show

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4. Gives a new perspective

When The Fans Started to Watch The Originals they wanted to watch The Vampire Diaries Before they start in The Originals So they know Who the Originals is and What their Story before they start on The Originals, but in Legacies you can watch it normally because their Children don't have Back Story that you need to know only you need to know that Hope Mikaelson is Klaus Mikaelson, Daughter and Lizzie And Josie is Alaric Saltzman who is the Head Master of this school named after the Two Brother The Salvatore School For the kids with Supernatural powers the Show focuses on The New Monster and their Friendship

3. Not tied by relationship or family drama

While The Vampire Diaries is all About Love Triangle and Relationships, The Originals is a little bit Similar but on the Family issues and Family Drama, from All The Vampire Witchs Werewolf stuff the Show Legacies take a very different turn the show introduces to us a whole new Monster the Myth Like Pheonix and other Supernatural Monster, this show is all about Friendship than Family or Love

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2. Funnier

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are favorite to the Fans but both shows lacked the humor, However, Damon And Klaus Was full of Humor and Sarcasm was all over the Show, but Legacies Has More Funnier Dialogues, Legacies are more Enjoyable than both Shows who we are felt heartbroken every time Character die in it

1. A step forward into the LGBTQ+ community

Legacies are some of the rare shows that use LGBTQ in a positive way and showcases it in the community. Legacies are appreciated for it and also the main characters develop it. Like Josie is pansexual as she’s into werewolves however her ex was Penelope. It is great that this show supports it in such a great way.

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