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Which Knights of Hell From Supernatural are You? (Quiz)

Which knights of Hell From Supernatural are You?

Welcome back Nation, For the past fifteen years, Supernatural's Sam and Dean Winchester have been keeping humans safe from all the scary things that live in the shadows. Demons were one of the most powerful and enduring of these terrifying things.

Azazel's Yellow-Eyed Demon was the first real big bad in the show. Azazel is tasked with finding the most powerful vessel of Lucifer's and has been responsible for much of the Winchesters' misery. Not only did he deceive and kill Mary Winchester, but he constantly manipulated Sam's life in order to set him on the path of darkness.

Abaddon was one of the most memorable and intelligent antagonists in the series. Manipulative, cunning, and cruel, this Knight of Hell had no problem getting her hands dirty to get what she wanted, Alastair's character, the great tormentor of Hell, often left viewers with chills in their spine. Just as easily one of the most sadistic and horrific creatures in the series, he even was feared by other Demons.

Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Knights of Hell you are from Supernatural

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