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Which Lucifer Are You? (Quiz)

Are you Lucifer From Supernatural Or Tom Ellis Lucifer

Welcome to Nation. The Devil's characters AKA Lucifer has been played by many different actors. It is really difficult to determine the best portrayal. There were different characters in movies and TV series. Speaking of TV shows, Lucifer is one of those shows that revolve around Lucifer Morningstar who takes a break from his duties in Hell and comes to Los Angeles and opens a nightclub named LUX. But Tom Ellis is not the only person who played the character, Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural has given the character a new life with his performance. Mark played the tough, cold, and manipulative Lucifer who didn't mind snapping his fingers if anyone upset him a little.

Lucifer Season 5
Tom Ellis Lucifer

Both Lucifers are sarcastic and sometimes funny, especially that Tom Ellis Lucifer is more of comic relief. Both characters have different types of motivations behind their actions. Tom Lucifer fights his inner demons, as he tries to figure out who he really is, how he can overcome all his flaws, and become a better person. He tries to balance the evil and goodness that is within him.

Which Lucifer Looks Like You
Supernatural Lucifer

Lucifer Mark originally wanted to start the end of the world and start a war against the godly angels. He seeks power and wants to become the Almighty. Lucifer in supernatural was cast out from Heaven because the Mark of Cain that corrupted him, Mark of Cain, was originally the first Curse that sealed the Darkness Aka Amara (God's Sister). Both Lucifers are a little bit different than each other but there also some similarities.

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