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Riverdale - How Well Do you Remember Season 4 (Quiz)

Riverdale - How Well Do you Remember Season 4 (Quiz)

Welcome back to NationTV. Each season of Riverdale is different from the other, and this show has always hooked up with him through his crazy theories. At the end of season three, we saw Betty, Veronica, and Archie covered in blood standing in front of a bonfire in which they burned Jughead’s beanie that was covered in blood. This made us very curious and suspicious because we wanted to know what happened to Jughead. We have already made theories about his death.

Then the fourth season begins with new theories and the first thing we see is our beloved Fred Andrews, who died in an accident. This leaves the town in shock and Archie devastated by it. However, Archie recovers from it and decides to open a community center as well as continue construction work done by his father. Meanwhile, Jughead gets an offer to join the Stonewall Prep where his grandfather has gone too.

Betty is happy for Jughead and begins her FBI training with Charles and trying to find out what happened to her father after his accident and making sure that all of the farm members end up in prison with the help of Charles. She also digs deep in Charles and Chic's relationship, discovers the truth and also prepares for Yale. Veronica is busy with her speakeasy and is annoyed by the arrival of her half-sister. She also decided to compete with her father in the Rum business, but she failed every time, but she soon finds a solution for her, too.

While all this happens, Jughead has a hard time cooperating with students on the Stonewall Prep because they are mean and have some mystery. Jughead tries his best to handle it with Betty's help and does his best in school and is also accepted into Yale while Betty doesn't do which makes her upset and jealous as well. But apart from that, there are many schemes to look forward to this season.


Let's take a Quiz to Know How Well Do You Remember Season 4 of Riverdale

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