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Riverdale - Play Who Said it (Quiz)

Riverdale - Play Who Said it Quiz

Riverdale - Play Who Said it (Quiz)
Welcome Back to NationTV, Riverdale is one of the Best teen Shows on the CW and the show based on Archie Comics but the Show is totally different from the Comics the Show is way darker, it's the same Character from the Comics and the Main Characters are Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, Reggie, and now the show is on its 4 Season, 

so while there is a lot of Characters there is, of course, some lines that stick with us and every Character have said a lot of lines so we are going to see Lines and you just have to figure it out and answer who said that Line Quiz Called " Who Said it " So we are going to play Riverdale Who Said it from The Characters if you didn't see the Show I suggests that you watch the show first and then come back to the Quiz 

So Let's Start The Riverdale Quiz Who Said it 

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