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Riverdale - How Well Do you Remember Season 3 (Quiz)

Welcome back to NationTV. Riverdale is a mysterious show and teenagers are the main part of this show as they seek to solve all mysteries themselves. In the past seasons of this show, the excitement content has increased a lot. In season three, we watched the introduction of Gargoyle King and addiction in children into the G&G game that ultimately cost their lives. These dark events start chasing the city and dark secrets start surfacing itself. This game turned out to be part of this city 25 years ago when the parents were high school kids.

In season three, the city once again deals with the death of two teenagers, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie team up again to solve the deadly case of this Gargoyle King. However, the farm is also introduced to the show and the ugly turn it when people start joining it one by one. The farm was run by Edgar and Evelyn, they even started spoiling high school kids and getting them to join. Betty takes the job of uncovering these secrets when her mother gets involved on this farm.

Sure, Season 3 of Riverdale has been very intense with all of the farm's problems and Gargoyle King makes it worse day by day as everyone gets involved a lot in this game. The Sisters of Quiet Mercy have a major role in it and problems begin to increase for Betty, Archie, Jugged, and Veronica. Archie not only faces the town problem, but also Hiram, and he had to leave the city for a while to escape Hiram.


Let's take a Quiz to Know How Well Do You Remember Season 3 of Riverdale

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