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The Originals - 9 Reason Why We Love The Bad Boy Klaus Mikaelson

The Originals - 8 Reason Why We Love The Bad Boy Klaus Mikaelson

Welcome back Top Nation. Throughout the eight seasons, of The Vampire Diaries has introduced plenty of villains. Those villains proved to be a threat to us or our favorite characters, they pushed the heroes to their limits and played a crucial role in the storyline. But no villain has captured the attention of the Fans like Klaus Mikaelson did. the Original Hybrid who started as the main Villain, but he slowly becomes Fan-Favorite Villain, Klaus Mikaelson, was the first of his kind, as a Hybrid from An Original Vampire With Werewolf made him so powerful. But his unique personality who won the hearts of the TVD fans.

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Before the fans got to see the infamous Klaus in the flesh on The Vampire Diaries, his reputation preceded him. Klaus An Original which makes him one of the first vampires in all history and known as ruthlessness one despite that he was on the run from his step-father. Even though there were his siblings, but his stone-cold nature, his deep rage, and unforgiveness made him a legend in the vampire community. And when His Character was revealed in The Vampire Diaries universe was never the same again.

Joseph Morgan played the cold-blooded Klaus Mikaelson in TVD touched the fans so much that end-up getting his spin-off show As ‘The Originals’. he Started Villain in Vampire Diaries, Klaus has done many crimes through his life and also performed many heroic acts. until he knows that he is going to be a Father to Hope he Started to Protect Her always and forever.

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He is upfront with his emotions and doesn't like to play games...

Klau is always upfront with his emotions he doesn't play games he loves, to be honest, he loves honesty when Klaus Says i will Kill You you start to think what you will do in the afterlife because he is going to do whatever he says he doesn't play games

He channels his inner Van Gogh when he isn't causing trouble

Klaus Love to paint but the only problem is he doing it only with his enemy's blood so whenever you see him painting know for sure that he killed one of his thousand enemy's 

He's going to live forever, so you never have to break up

Klaus An Original Vampire he can't be killed and he is immortal yea you can get white oak stake but i promise you, you can't use it unless Klaus allowed you to we have seen a lot of immortal beings go against Klaus and they had the advantage but in the end, he always wins

He can handle a DIY wooden stake like Buffy Summers

He can handle a Diy Wodeen like Buffy Summers From Buffy The Vampire Slayer we will not forget his fight against Damon with the Diy Wodeen he was fighting while he is on the phone? Savage 
He has great taste in women

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He can move a bowtie better than Matt Smith's Doctor Who

Some of us know Doctor Who Series while Matt Smith's Love To wear Bowtie, Bowtie is cool yeah, we didn't see anyone looks cool like matt Smith but here he comes Klaus with His Charm He does it better than Matt

He has great taste in women

Klaus has a Great taste in women he has his favorite type Blondes 
Like we Seen in The Vampire Diaries Caroline Stole Klaus Heart And later on the Originals We saw that he fall in Love With Cami who is also Blonde 

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He knows how to make an entrance

Klaus Always love to make his entrance looks cool and savage at the same time 

He's a great dad and it gives us all the emotions

Klaus despite his step-father behavior with him unlike him he made a great father to his daughter hope, he was always there to protect her always and forever the immortal being the ruthless Beast Alive Sacrifice himself for her who can ask more than that

His smile makes us melt

oh the Smile that smile melted thousands of heart's when we see him smile we can't help it but be happy and our heart can't stop himself and love him more and more

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