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The Originals - The Most Strongest Witches in The Show

The Originals  - The Most Strongest Witches in The Show 

1 - The Hollow

Born as Inadu to a Native American tribe of latest Orleans that originated the Labonair line, Hayley's family, The Hollow grew too powerful for her family to regulate, in order that they killed her. But in death, she became a good more powerful entity and her soul had to be divided into four pieces.

When Vincent inadvertently summons her, she takes over his wife Eva. The Hollow returns after Hope are born and tries to require over her next. She is taken into account even more powerful than the Ancestors.

2 - Dhalia
Long lost an older sister to Esther, Dahlia cut ties with Esther when she married Mikael. But when Esther loses a toddler, she seeks Dahlia for help to possess the facility to guard her children. Dahlia agrees on the condition that Esther leaves her eldest daughter Freya together with her.

Binding her life to Freya's, Dahlia is in a position to extend her power and put them under a sleeping spell that permits them to feign immortality. She reveals that the first-born of each generation is usually the foremost powerful, herself included.

3 - Freya Mikaelson
Once tied to her aunt Dahlia and made to sleep through centuries, Freya is freed by her siblings and becomes a correct Mikaelson. She rescues Rebekah, trapped in Eva Sinclair's body, from the mental hospital they've both been placed in.

Time and time again she involves the rescue for Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. When The Hollow is on the verge of taking up everything, it's Freya, with Vincent's help, who casts the spell to get rid of her from Hope's body and split her spirit into four pieces taken on by the Mikaelson siblings.

4 -  Hope Mikaelson
Being a tribrid, a mixture of a witch, werewolf and vampire, Hope is that the first and just one of her kind. because the first-born child of Hayley and Klaus, she is presented with incredible power. She starts manifesting powers as an infant, during a scene where she stops the car Cami is driving and saves them from getting blown up.

She is so powerful that as a toddler The Hollow chooses her as its host to return to Earth. Hope proves how powerful she is before birth, as she may be a loophole of nature.

5 - Vincent Griffith
Vincent first appeared because the host to Finn, Esther's resurrected, witch son. He was reluctant to return to his life as a witch. Before being possessed by Finn, he'd left thanks to the circumstances together with his wife Eva Sinclair. But when the Nine Covens desperately needed powerful leadership, he stepped up and have become the Regent after Davina was shunned.

6 - Esther Mikaelson
The Mikaelson siblings' mother returns to New Orleans using the body of another witch to convince her children to offer up their immortality. because the creator of the first vampires, Esther is one among the foremost powerful witches within the history of the TVD universe.

Her magic brought vampirism into existence and created Klaus, the first hybrid. Her magic's ability to stay after Klaus triggered his werewolf curse proves that she was powerful enough to defy the order of nature. But within the end, she chose death.

7 - Davina Claire
Davina started as a Harvest Girl who Marcel rescued from sacrifice. But cutting the ritual short meant that Davina absorbed the powers of her fellow witches who were already killed, turning her into a ticking timebomb. Marcel kept her hidden and used her as his magic detector.

After she's finally sacrificed and resurrected for the ritual, she grows uninterested in getting used. She becomes the Regent of the Nine Covens of the latest Orleans to use magic for her purposes. But she soon falls out of favor and is shunned by her community.

8 - Papa Tunde
The former leader of the French Quarter Coven within the early 20th century and murdered by Klaus, Papa Tunde is resurrected by Celeste disguised as Sabine. His thirst for vengeance made him a formidable enemy. His practice of Sacrificial Magic made him stronger than most witches of the time and therein coven.

9 - Celeste Dubois
Celeste was so powerful a witch that she continued to exist as a spirit beyond the death of her earthly body back within the 19th century. She romanced Elijah within the past and used her dark witch powers to resurrect herself within the present.

She first possessed a lady named Clara within the 1900s and worked as a nurse during the 1919 influenza outbreak. Later within the 1990s, she befriended Marcel disguised as Brynne Deveraux and cursed the Crescent wolf pack for him. Eventually, it's revealed that Sabine, a member of the French Quarter Coven, is Celeste.

10 - Sophie Deveraux
Sophie started as a carefree witch who didn't practice the craft. She regarded the ritual sacrifice of the Harvest Girls as a barbaric tradition among her coven and wanted no part therein life. But when her niece, Monique, became of the Harvest Girls, she stepped in to fight back.

She failed and Monique died without resurrection. Sophie went on to become an Elder so she could complete the ritual and convey her niece back to life. Unfortunately, her resurrected niece considered her a traitor and killed her.

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