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Lucifer - Lucifer and John Constantine in a new series

Lucifer - Lucifer and John Constantine in a new series

Lucifer - Lucifer and John Constantine in a new series
What if After Lucifer Show Ends He will be alive in other Show with Capable Demonologist?
the Writer “Fatman Beyond” co-host Marc Bernardin thinks it’s a good idea and has pitched a John Constantine/Lucifer team-up series following their meeting in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”
the writer "Fatman Beyond" Marc Bernardin, Thinks that it will be a good idea if Lucifer and Constantine Team-up in Series Continue their story after They meeting in The Crisis " Crisis on Infinite Earth" 

And Bernardin publish his idea on Twitter, hypothetical Series, 
who will include Lucifer (Tom Ellis) And John Constantine (Matt Ryan) Follow their role Lucifer And Constantine but team-up together in Spinoff 

And The Series Might Start from Lucifer And John Together leaving LA And goes to NYC Breaking our hearts. Call it...Highway to Hell. Give me Money " 
Showrunner Joe Henderson reply with Gif of Lucifer " Lucifer Likes" 
He said that Lucifer is not part of the Arrowverse but he is part of DC Comics " The Sandman" 

Lucifer made an appearance in The Arrowverse when Constantine travels to Lucifer Earth to find Lucifer and asks him to recover Oliver Soul from Purgatory Lucifer said "I'm only doing this because you helped me with Maze " his bodyguard

he starts to flirt with Mia Smok Oliver and Felicity Daughter and Jon Diggle, and he gives John his Card That will transport them in the Purgatory and Recover Oliver Queen Soul,

Lucifer Knew John Through The Demon Mazziken Lucifer personal BodyGuard when Lucifer Left hell she did leave with him,
and John asked lucifer For help lucifer was hesitate but he helped him in the end because john assist for helping Mazziken

We don't know What Constantine did with Mazziken but we hope that it will reveal in season 5,
Constantine is the World Most capable Demonologist and Master of Dark art.
And Lucifer can always use the help of the like of John to Contain the Demons,
This can be the beginning of the New Show Lucifer And john Team-up Together

Netflix Wants to Renew Lucifer For Season 6

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