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Legend of Seven Prince of Hell

Legend of Seven Prince of Hell

Welcome Back Nation Tv, today we are going to do another list about Demons And Supernatural World But this has nothing to do with Supernatural Show but you may be familiar with The Names of this Prince's not all of them 

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but we are going through list of the Legend of Seven Prince of Hell for all people that don't know about them here is the list of Seven Powerful Demons who Rule Hell not all of them rule it, of course, there are lucifer Associates Such as Asmodeus and other Demons but you will learn about , one or two demons in here I hope you enjoy it

1- Lucifer Prince of Pride
 The Name Lucifer Means "Day Star" Or " Son of the morning" Lucifer was a Magnificent Being with a unique ministry Unfortunately His Pride overtook his heart, and sin cost him everything To dwell in the awesome presence of a perfect and holy God, Lucifer had to be Perfect, There was nothing ordinary or plain about his appearance, 
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 Adorned with Gold and Precious stones, he truly fit the name "Son of the Morning" he was a step above the other angels, not only appearance but also in intellect, Lucifer's he was cast out from the Presence of God, Cast out of heaven, Lucifer was removed of his position and his rights to heaven Lucifer is Banished to Hell and Becomes Satan. The Demon Lord of 18 Levels of Hell,

2 - Mammon Prince of Greed
Mammon has considered a god deceives in the old Testament, Mammon Symbolizes the overemphasis on money, material and wealth Since the Middle Ages, Mammon has been recognized as real, Mammon is the demon of wealth and greed, Mammon is most often personified as a deity, and sometimes included in the seven princes of hell

3 - Asmodeus Prince of Lust
Asmodeus was once considered the King of Nine Hells, he is described as " the worst of demons" and having three heads" human head, goat head, and horse head Asmodeus is the demon of the embodiment of desire and sexual desire, as The Embodiment of desire, but Asmodeus Loves a Girl Named Sarah, Raguel's Daughter, 

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Sarah Had Seven Husbands and was killed on the wedding night by him, Asmodeus is not willing to let any husband possess her, Hence he slays seven successive husbands on their wedding nights, the only weakness of Asmodeus is the fear of water

4- Amon or Satan Prince of Wrath
There is little information about Amon's Mystery, Amon is the creator of jealousy and anger in a human's heart, in addition, Amon is also the Leader of 40 Hell Devils Battalions, he appears in a wolf form with serpent's tail and he breathes fire, and Reconciles controversies Between Friends and Foes
5 - Beelzebub Prince of Gluttony
Beelzebub is a senior Angel in Heaven, As Commander in Chief of the army next to Lucifer in the battle of Heaven-Hell, After being defeated and condemned as The Prince of Hell Beelzebub  Is The Lord Of Flies, Creatures Carry the most terrible diseases, Beelzebub  Can also turn into flies and produce disease itself, He is Powerful Demon and one of Satan's Powerful Associates, Beelzebub Represents tyrants, As the Cause of the Custom of worshiping demons, Being the Bearer of jealousy, murder and war, Beelzebub  has a close friend imprisoned in the red zone, it was one-winged abezethibou Demon

6 - Leviathan Prince of Envy
Leviathan is a giant sea monster created by God, it Carries the Shape of huge crocodile hybrid sea snake, Other documents claim that it was the fish that was created on the 5th or primitive, along with it, Behemoth Carries the Shape of a giant Cow, Behemoth is Also known for its Human form and the high angel beside God, And Also Betrayed God, Participating in the battle of heaven and Hell

7 - Belphegor Prince of Sloth
Belphegor Helps people create an invention and learn riches But Belphegor's Powers are said to be strong only in April, So Belphegor is Considered a symbol of laziness Belphegor Can Help People Become Rich, But Also to Sow discord and tempt them based on wealth

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