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Doctor Who - What Was The Lone Cyberman Doing To Cyber Warriors

Doctor Who - What Was The Lone Cyberman  Doing To Cyber Warriors

Doctor Who - What Was The Lone Cyberman  Doing To Cyber Warriors
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Welcome Back Nation TV, Today we are getting to mention What was the Lone Cyberman doing to the Cyber Warriors within the latest episode of Doctor Who, Doctor Who season 12 is coming to a close, and therefore the plot has seen the Doctor dragged into Final Cyber War. The unceasing war between the Cybermen and humanity has brought both races to the brink of extension, but the Doctor has unwittingly given the Cybermen a new lease of life. Now, she's fighting to guard the last few humans.

In the middle of the story is that the Lone Cyberman. Originally a person named Ashad, the Lone Cyberman was a zealot whose conversion process was interrupted. Where most Cybermen are cold and emotionless, slave to logic, Ashad is motivated by a fanatical self-hatred. His goal is to destroy the whole of humanity and restore the glory of the Cyber Empire. to the present end, he forced the Doctor to offer him the Cyberium, a huge repository of knowledge contained in some sort of nanotechnology; consistent with the Doctor, the Cyberium contained "the knowledge and future history of all Cybermen." The penultimate episode of Doctor Who season 12, "Ascension of the Cybermen," saw the Lone Cyberman take hold of a huge army of Warrior Class Cybermen.

And yet, one key scene in "Ascension of the Cybermen" has generated an excellent deal of debate online. When the Lone Cyberman discovers the Warriors of Cyber Warriors, he initially chooses a few and performs what appears to be some sort of torture. The Doctor's friends are listening in on the spaceship's security system, and they are horrified to understand they're "carrying a Cyberman that creates other Cybermen scream." It's an odd scene, made all the stranger because the Lone Cyberman subsequently awakens the whole army - and that they pledge allegiance to him with the normal Cyberman chest-thump.
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Although "Ascension of the Cybermen" never pauses to elucidate this, the foremost likely scenario is that the Lone Cyberman is reprogramming these two Warrior Class Cybermen, introducing a kind of virus that forces them to obey his will. The Lone Cyberman, after all, is an unlikely commander of a Cyber Legion; he's only partially converted, and therefore the Cybermen never even got around to inhibiting his emotions. What's more, there is no evidence the Lone Cyberman believes he needs the method to be completed. For all he glorifies the Cybermen, in "The Haunting of Villa Diodati" he told the Doctor he doesn't get to be "stabilized." there is no way the normal Cybermen would ever swear allegiance to a half-formed creature like Ashad, so it's reasonable to assume he has used the knowledge of the Cyberium to reprogram the Cyber Warriors.
The Matt Smith episode "Nightmare in Silver" revealed the Cybermen possess a kind of hive mind, called the Cyberiad. When one Cyberman experiences an upgrade, it then uploads this into the Cyberiad, triggering an identical upgrade altogether other Cybermen connected to the hive mind. It seems Ashad has essentially hacked into the Cyberiad, introducing subservience to him sort of a virus, then triggering the upgrade process to bind the whole Cyber Legion to his service. Thus that apparent act of torture was actually how he bound the Cyber Warriors to his will; two suffered, that the remainder could also be enslaved by the Lone Cyberman.

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