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Doctor who - Won't Be Cancelled Anytime Soon

Doctor Who - Won't Be Cancelled Anytime Soon

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Doctor Who is in no danger of being canceled anytime soon despite a rating decline, says the BBC. the famous British TV program featuring a time-traveling alien and human companions traversing space and time has been on the air for quite fifty years.
The premise of the show is that the Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, travels through space and time via the TARDIS, a machine that appears sort of a British police box from the 1960s. The Doctor tends to select up human companions from Earth who share the Doctor's keen sense of adventure and desire to explore the universe. a serious reason why Doctor Who hasn't run out of steam fifty years and counting is thanks to the very fact that the Doctor regenerates into a replacement face every few seasons. In other words, when the most actor decides to maneuver on from the role, another actor takes over. thus far there are thirteen incarnations of the Doctor with Jodie Whittaker currently playing the Thirteenth Doctor for the present season. The actress confirmed that she would definitely be returning for the thirteenth season. She is the first woman to play a long-lasting role. Whittaker's first season debut actually broke rating records.

The Thirteenth Doctor's second season hasn't fared nearly as strongly as the first. According to Deadline, season 12's penultimate episode only had 3.7 million viewers. Still, the BBC's drama chief Piers Wenger doesn't seem to be worried about the low viewership and defended the series.

Wenger's defense of Doctor Who is spot on. What does the program so famous is its universal appeal? Although the Doctor is, in fact, an alien, their two hearts beat for defending the innocent humans and species on a plethora of planets. the Lessons that Doctor Who is teaches is very important for the viewers both old and young, to respect life and to not take time without any consideration. Fans also experience genuine terror and excitement whenever the Doctor regenerates into someone new, which also continues to stay the show fresh and interesting. Doctor Who has such an upscale history to draw from its fifty years and relying on television screens worldwide, and truly does best when it draws from its own mythology that fans know and love.
The Doctor has lived for quite 900 years. Doctor Who has appeal and a fanbase that extends far beyond Britain. The twelfth season will come to an end next weekend. With countless storylines and many potentials for future characters and regenerations, Doctor Who will still remain timeless for many years to return.

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