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Doctor Who - 5 Reasons The Master Is The Best Timelord 5 It Always Be The Doctor

Welcome back Nation Tv, The Doctor could also be the foremost recognizable and well-known Time Lord the galaxy has ever seen, but it might be foolhardy to declare the Master entirely! This nefarious villain has repeatedly clashed with Davros for the title of the Doctor's arch-nemesis, and it is easy to ascertain why.

Through the years, the Master has wreaked havoc across the galaxy in his Mission ultimate power, only to be foiled by the Doctor each and each time. He's the yang to the Doctor's yin, making him one among the universe's greatest and most poignant threats. Today we're watching 5 reasons why the Master is that the best Time Lord in Doctor Who and 5 reasons why it is the Doctor. during a battle of wits, knowledge, and skill, it'll be hard to make a decision the outcome!


While the Doctor is not any stranger to subterfuge and manipulation, he's cookies and milk compared to the Master! This domineering villain conquers the desire of anyone he believes are often of use in his schemes. When he is not controlling them via hypnosis, he's imposing sheer force of will on his victims, typically at the top of a deadly weapon.

The Master is additionally quite willing to play the long game so as to realize his agenda. When the sixth Doctor was placed on trial by his own people on the charge of genocide, the Master was revealed to be the mastermind behind the charade, in an effort to destroy the Doctor permanently.


the Master likes to control his subjects, the Doctor prefers to rally them to their standard. Sometimes this suggests putting them in harm's way, albeit they like to stay people safe. While The Doctor looks out for the well-being of their compatriots, the Doctor also recognizes the necessity for sacrifice.

Nobody felt the influence of the Doctor's charisma quite Adric, who sacrificed himself to stop Earth's destruction at the hands of the Cybermen. He realized the importance of fighting for a cause greater than one's own self, paying the last word price within the process.


just once you think the Master is down for the count, he gets the right copy again. He's the galaxy's longest intellectual cockroach; a never-ending tsunami of evil and destruction that will not rest. He's faked his own demise countless times, only to return back stronger again.

The Master has cheated death on several occasions. He once tried to trigger a replacement cycle of regenerations that might have destroyed Gallifrey within the process, only to later transfer his soul into the body of a Trakenite scientist - the daddy of the Doctor's companion Nyssa. He later survived execution at the doctor's greatest enemy Daleks before his plan was foiled by the newly regenerated Eighth Doctor. He would then be found hiding trillions of years within the future near the top of the universe before reawakening to once more spread destruction and fear because of the Master, and his subsequent reincarnation Missy.


Luck hasn't always been on the Doctor's side, as evidenced by his countless fatal encounters over a variety of years. whenever he's met his end, so too has his current form and its distinct, variant personality. As such, the Doctor is actually reincarnated whenever, with various levels of change.

Each new regeneration brings forth a replacement side of the Doctor we've never seen before. His third REGENERATES didn't afraid to hand-to-hand combat, while his seventh REGENERATES incarnation masked a seething ruthlessness behind the false veil of friendliness. Regeneration wasn't always been good to the Doctor, either. The agony of losing many friends and loved ones, combined with the regeneration process, usually, has given a thirteenth Doctor that's cold,


Few beings within the galaxy are as feared because of the Master. Indeed, even the Time Lords themselves view him because the epitome of danger and can attend great lengths either to prevent his machinations or (worse) use him as a weapon to further their own ends.

When the first five Doctors were taken out of their respective timelines and deposited into Gallifrey's Death Zone at the behest of Lord President Borusa, the Master was sent in to save lots of them from their fates, despite not realizing he was a pawn within the scheme. Later, Rassilon himself would abuse the Master by retroactively inserting a hypnotic suggestion in his mind that drove him mad, covering the way for Gallifrey's rising before its destruction within the Time War. The Time Lords also unleashed The Master to help them in the Daleks invasion 


The Doctor isn't resistant to Time Lord manipulation, either. While exchange for his freedom to walk across the universe with his Tardis, the Time Lords forced the Doctor to begin special missions on their behalf. the foremost infamous mission involved the Doctor's interference with the creation of the Daleks, which put Gallifrey directly into their crosshairs and served because of the first volley in what would later become the Time War.

On his own, the Doctor does what he must, albeit he loathes the result. His actions have saved billions of lives, but the value for every victory has been extraordinarily high. it had been this behavior that first put him unproved by his own people, which same behavior would cause the destruction of Gallifrey itself, so as to save lots of the universe from the havoc of the Time War.


Despite his penchant for betrayal, the Master has an uncanny knack for convincing other deadly races to figure with him, or fooling them into thinking he's their servant. Either way, he rarely keeps his promises. within the end, he's out for favorite, and nobody else.

The Master has joined forces with the Cybermen, the Autons, the Toclafane and therefore the Rani, to call but a couple of. Never one to pass up a one-sided beneficial alliance, the Master is usually on the lookout for an additional powerful set of allies to forge temporary bonds with.


The Doctor has unusually allied himself with any of his opponents except when absolutely necessary. At one point, he even brokered an uneasy truce with the Daleks who had lost their powers thanks to an energy field permeating the earth Exxilon.

Any such alliance may be a last-ditch choice to delay or prevent a good greater catastrophe. Otherwise, the Doctor will do whatever it takes to thwart the foremost wicked and insidious plans of the galaxy's greatest villains.


The Master deals out death like it is a bodily process, and he won't hesitate to slaughter anyone who serves up such a lot as an annoyance. While there are repeatedly he'll set about his business undeterred, those that manage to earn his attention frequently find themselves suffering an untimely, horrible demise.

The Master's ruthlessness is mixed with a psychotic and cynical urge to alienate himself from the remainder of the galaxy. He loves nobody, cares for nothing, and has no friends apart from his complex relationship together with his arch-rival, the Doctor.


Ruthlessness may be a quality that both Time Lords share alike, but the Doctor never enjoys what he has got to do. He realizes the sanctity of life must be maintained at the least costs, but if that life is threatened by evil, he won't hesitate to place a permanent end thereto.

The Doctor did hold himself from committed genocide against the Daleks, but he did get rid of this morality later so as to render the Vervoids extinct to save lots of the earth Earth. In both instances, the Doctor loathed having to face such a choice.

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