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Lucifer - 5 Moments in Lucifer Season 4 We Never Saw Coming

Lucifer - 5 Moments in Lucifer Season 4 We Never Saw Coming

5 Moments in Lucifer Season 5 We Never Saw Coming
Welcome back Nation TV. Fans had a lot of expectations from Lucifer Season 4 as it was going to be full of action and excitement. This season also had the least episodes as compared to all other seasons because of its only 10 episodes. But apart from all this, there were moments in this season when we got shocked. 
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5. Linda being pregnant with Amenadiel’s child

Linda being pregnant with Amenadiel’s child
Doctor Linda, Lucifer Therapy was on a relationship with the other Fallen Angel Amenadiel Lucifer Brother, despite their short time together, Linda was feeling a little bit weak and she fall while talking to Maze and for the First time in history Human got pregnant with a celestial being, so we are going to wait and see what is going to happen between those two in season 5

 4. Dan tries to kill Lucifer that nearly endangered Trixie’s life

Dan tries to kill Lucifer that nearly endangered Trixie’s life
Daniel's Character had been frustrating for us, Dan Hates Lucifer so Much that he was planning on killing Lucifer once and for all, he sends assassin into Lucifer home to kill him but unfortunately his daughter Trixie was there looking for Lucifer and her life was on serious danger there, but luckily Eve and Lucifer Protect the Detective, daughter, while Lucifer beat up those assassins,
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3. Amenadiel’s friend Caleb is killed

Amenadiel’s friend Caleb is killed
After Amenadiel becomes a Father he doesn't know anything about it and doesn't know what to do, later he meets a young boy Named Caleb who was dealing with drugs and got framed for murder, Amenadiel loves that boy like Father, but the end of this episode the drug dealer killed Caleb and 
Amenadiel goes with lucifer to punish them for what they did to Caleb,

4. Eve kills father Kinley

Eve kills father Kinley

After Lucifer breaks up with Eve, she was desperate to win Lucifer back she even hurt Maze in the process, she even opened the gates of hell to all the demons to come to their King, but to do that she needed a deceased body, while Father Kinley was trying to kill her to escape, 
she did manage to kill him first, 

 1. Lucifer returns to Hell

 Lucifer returns to Hell Season 4
after Eve Opened Gates of Hell to all the Demons, all of the demons were walking on earth and they started to kill every human on earth in order to the other demons to come on earth, and Lucifer became the True Devil transform into the Full Devil Mode he stopped them from escaping hell and he return with them in hell in order to keep them under control, and by that Lucifer once again become the King of Hell, the scene ended with Lucifer on the throne,
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