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Supernatural - 10 Biggest Romantic Gestures on Supernatural

Supernatural - 10 Biggest Romantic Gestures on Supernatural

Supernatural - 10 Biggest Romantic Gestures on Supernatural
Welcome Back Nation Tv, Supernatural is focused on the love of family and Friendships throughout
the Series, we have seen the power of Family between Sam and Dean those brother done almost not if everything to protect each other, but also same and dean have Family and Friends that they willing to do anything for them we have seen them helping other people but they also keep eye on each other for safety while the show is all about family and friends the show also have a lot of romance, 
we have seen in previous seasons many moments, and in later seasons too, even the Winchester brother, had a romantic throughout the seasons, so today we going to see 10 best Romantic Relationships in The Series enjoy it,

10 Gabriel Protects Kali From His Brother

 Gabriel Protects Kali From His Brother
When the (Demi)gods have Sam and Dean and willing to kill them for lucifer not have his perfect vessel, someone of the (Demi)god called him to come and lucifer did come to their place and he killed a punch of (Demi)gods after he killed nearly all of them (demi)gods in one scene he was left to fight Kali but Gabriel was in love with her then he shows up to protects her from lucifer 

9 Young Amara Saves Dean From Crowley

Young Amara Saves Dean From Crowley
earlier in the show Crowley was the Winchester's enemy as the King of hell but then he becomes their friend, but Crowley did want to hurt dean when dean was going in hell but Amara The Darkness Protects Dean because he was the one who frees her from her prison that god puts her in, and Amara Feels that she is bonded with dean from the second she got free from that prison and in order to protect dean she was going to kill Crowley even in her younger version of herself 

We have seen her young when she was in hell with Crowley but she grows Fast, then she meets dean after she was all grown up and she kissed dean we know that when she kisses someone she eat his soul but she didn't do that to dean and she kissed him because she doesn't want to hurt him,

8 Bobby's Wife Pretends She don't Remember Bobby killing her

Bobby's Wife Pretends She don't Remember Bobby killing her
When Bobby's Wife came back from dead in season five, bobby was so happy that she came back, but she was the reason that he becomes a hunter later she was possessed and bobby had to kill her but bobby tells the Winchester that she doesn't remember how she died.

but she remembers everything that happens, but she didn't want to crash bobby's feelings, so she acts like that she doesn't remember anything when she notices that she is turning into a zombie she did alert bobby and forgive him for all that happens and tells him that she loves him,

7 Jess Celebrates Sam's Achievements

Jess Celebrates Sam's Achievements
when sam grows up and join college he loved jess we didn't see much of her with sam but sam did love her that he left the normal life that he wanted since he was little boy, and goes after the demon who killed her, while jess didn't know about sam life before he met her,

when sam gets a high score on LAST, jess was so proud of sam and she Toasts his Victory in front of his friends and celebrates, while sam feels sad because his family don't Value his achievements that meant a lot to sam

6 Meg Stays With Castiel To Protect Him

 Meg Stays With Castiel To Protect Him
Meg was Agent for Lucifer after he escaped his Cage and Become free on earth she was his agent and a Villain to the boys, but she changed to become an ally to the Winchester then fall in with The Angel Castiel she felt that Castiel was her Special Person, she did become a nurse to protect Castiel and watch over him from any demon that comes for him,
it's the first time we saw Castiel As a Romantic Character we didn't see him love anyone or show any feeling before, he learned from the pizza man how to kiss, and that awaken human part in meg, and she decided to protect him when he was powerless in the hospital,

5 Jo Sacrifices Herself For Dean

Jo Sacrifices Herself For Dean
This story we never got to see grows up, but if it would be epic if happened, When Dean was getting pulled by a Hell-hound Jo turns around from the other to protect dean even after she knows what a hell-hound is and how dean was afraid of them,

but Jo comes back a spirit in later season and she did tell dean that she doesn't blame him for her death and they kissed goodbye,

4 Lisa and Dean 

Lisa and Dean
When Sam was in Hell was Lucifer he did tell dean to live a normal life and enjoy it, but dean was broken and goes to her door and even tho she knows about his hunter life she didn't ask any questions and takes him in, and she healed him while she very protective over her son, Dean become part her family,

She did care for him so much that when dean tells her that she in danger and they have to move to be saved she did know that dean miss his old hunter life she didn't stop him and tells him to go for it and that they will try to make it work from distance we hope that she comes back in season 15 with her memories back,

3 Eileen and Sam

 Eileen and Sam
After Eileen was killed in an attempt to kill the knight of hell Deagon Sam Resurrects her with Rowena Spell that god guide him to it, there was a romance between them even before she was killed but after he resurrects her she did bring hope and life to sam after he was hurt when he shot god,

when The Winchester Brothers were hopeless in season 15, she was always trying to bring them hope and joy in their life that meant a lot to sam,

2 Dean Drops Everything To Help Cassie

Dean Drops Everything To Help Cassie
Dean First love was Cassie in season 1, he did receive a Call From her, and did drop everything and goes to help her even sam was a surprise that dean falls in love because he knows that dean love hunter life and dean tells Cassie about his hunter secret,

However their romance was short-lived, it was strong and passionate. Dean is the guy that follow his family steps and his father path, but in we have seen dean turns away from that path even if for a day to save her from whatever threat was in her life Cassie meant so much to dean

1 John Dedicates His Life To Mary's Memory

John Dedicates His Life To Mary's Memory

we always knew John as a Hunter but he wasn't always a hunter, but the death of his wife mary made him follow his wife path to become a hunter to hunt the demon who killed her he's whole life after his wife died was to kill that thing that kills her and protect people from any evil that comes in his way,

and that shows how important his love for mary was he never let go of Mary, they were meant to be with each other from the beginning,

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