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Which Character Are You From Moon Knight

Which Character Are You From Moon Knight

Welcome back NationTV, For years, Marvel Comics fans have wanted to see Marc Spector, more commonly known as the masked observer Moon Knight, join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now with the Disney+ Moon Knight series starring Oscar Isaac, fans have got their wish.

Moon Knight is far from being a typical character in the Marvel Character Dictionary, being much darker and brutal in its styles and background. How does Moon Knight relate to the MCU? Fans aren't quite sure yet but there is a lot to suggest it's a perfect addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Which Character Are You From Moon Knight

A lot has changed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2019. Moon Knight has gone from being a rumor to a much-awaited series on Disney+. It will feature six episodes starring Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight and his multiple identities. Although far from the unsung hero, he is hardly a household name compared to the likes of Iron Man or Spider-Man.

Where most of Marvel's threats come from other planets and universes, maintaining a sci-fi sense of it all, Moon Knight deals with the supernatural. Similar to Doctor Strange, Moon Knight takes on threats of the more mystical kind such as various monsters, gods, and other enemies from Egyptian mythology.

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Moon Knight is also no stranger to human villains like Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke's character), the Bushman, and his antithesis known as The Midnight Man, the Black Specter, and even his brother who became the Shadowknight.

This was the same process that was supposed to be used in Laila and Torit's first meeting, but the director of the sixth episode of Moon Night, Mohamed Diab, had a different idea. Calamawy told TheWrap that he decided a face-to-face meeting didn't quite fit what he wanted and instead asked Kalamawi to perform both roles as if he was possessed. Just half an hour before filming, Diab approached her to tell her he had changed his plans, and with no time to prepare, Kalmawi was able to exit the scene, jumping back and forth between Laila and Torit to discuss the terms of being an avatar.

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