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Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Moon Knight introduced several brand-new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with some proving to be more lovable than others.

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

The first season of Disney+'s Moon Knight introduced a wide range of new characters into the larger fold of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, tying new stories and legends together to expand a franchise already larger than any other movie made in Hollywood.

While all of these characters are intriguing characters in their way, they each differ in their admiration examination, with many falling short when it comes to such virtue. However, some characters have been proven to become fan favorites based on their social personalities.

10. Anton Mogart
Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Anton Maugart is a prominent curator in the art field with ties to illegal organizations in Egypt. Played by the late Gaspard Ulliel, the character is based on the comics' Midnight Man antagonist, whose legacy returns in droves to wreak havoc in Marc Spector's life.

Mogart has so little time on Moon Knight that his character would likely have played a larger role in future seasons of the show before the actor's tragic death. However, the character himself is not designed to be particularly likable, as he operates in hateful circles and generally has a general aura of perceived superiority.

9. Wendy Spector

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Wendy Spector is the mother of Mark who became abusive after the death of Mark's brother Randall. As has been hinted throughout the series, she did not have much of a relationship with Mark after he left home to join the army, and then passed away shortly before the events of the first episode, without rekindling her relationship with her estranged son.

Wendy is a particularly difficult character to admire, even if the audience sympathizes with her grief over her lost son. However, the woman soon loses any goodwill towards her, as she cruelly and brutally abuses her surviving child as a way to get rid of her grief. Wendy immediately turns into one of the worst parents portrayed in the franchise, and her actions become a major part of Mark developing dissociative identity disorder.

8. Ammit

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Amit is the Egyptian goddess of rule that Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow attempted to revive throughout the series. It is revealed that Amit has served as the patron deity for many characters, including Alexander the Great himself, all to derive her brand of justice across the oceans of time.

Amit is a bloodthirsty deity, obsessed with stealing the responsibility of eternal judgment from whom he already belongs. She routinely manipulates and kidnaps innocent minds, and proceeds to murder civilians for crimes they may commit in the future, making her not only one of the most sinister characters in the series but in the MCU as a whole.

7. Jake Lockley

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Jake Lockley is Mark Spector's third alternate character, which is revealed in the season finale. Lockley is a character that developed somewhat later in Mark's life, only appearing later when necessary to keep others alive.

Lockley has very little watch time compared to Mark and Stephen, as it was only revealed in the final episode of the season. However, the character still has many friendlier traits than the other variants, although his bloodthirsty methods of criminal combat make him a more dangerous character than the others.

6. Khonshu

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

khonshu, portrayed by famous actor F. Murray Abraham, is the patron deity of the Moon Knight, who has been his fist all along. khonshu the god of the moon and true justice in Egypt uses Mark Spector's broken mind to manipulate him to perform his bidding.

Although Khuncho is ultimately humanity's ally in the fight against Amit, he routinely displays his selfishness in the way he treats Mark. The Moon God clearly understands how fragile Mark's mind is. Instead of helping the broken man at the slightest moment, he chose to take advantage of him for his gain. This leads to the emergence of the weak relationship that they will have later.

5. Arthur Harrow

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Ethan Hawke portrays Arthur Harrow, the former fist of Khuncho who betrayed the moon god in favor of serving Amit in an attempt to revive the latent goddess and bring what he sees as "justice" to the world. The character became sharply at odds with Moon Knight, making him the main antagonist of the first season of the series.

Throughout the series, Harrow has shown that he is capable of many vile acts, proving his true wickedness despite his claims to virtue and piety. However, Hawke's portrayal still looks elegantly bizarre and explains how many people can be tricked into following the character.

4. Marc Spector

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Mark Spector is the original character among many alternate selves within one body. Played by Oscar Isaac, Spector is a former mercenary who, after being left to die by his co-conspirator, is reincarnated with the power of Khoncho to act as his fist, the terrifying Moon Knight.

Mark is a complex person, he is incredibly sensitive and guilty of many horrific crimes. But as the season progresses, audiences learn about the circumstances in his life that led to his current struggles, justifying him as a sympathetic character. He also grows to understand himself better as he gets to know his alternate character Stephen Grant better, creating one of Moon Knight's most interesting relationships.

3. Layla El-Fouly

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Laila Al-Fouly, played by Mai Kalamawi, is the wife of Mark Spector who is tracking him after his character Stephen Grant has taken over his body for too long. Based on the character Marilyn Alraon from the comics, she later learns that Mark was present at her father's murder at an archaeological excavation site. Layla joins Mark and Stephen on their adventures to Egypt, and they uncover the tomb of Alexander the Great long lost.

Leila is presented as a capable and intriguing character in her own right, one that even Khoncho deems worthy of being his next avatar. Her scenes with Stephen make her especially endearing to the audience, as she is reminded of the better parts of her relationship with Mark. Additionally, the character's refusal to bow in the face of overwhelming odds, even without the powers of a superhero, makes him a worthwhile character for audiences to associate themselves with.

2. Tawaret

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Tawaret is the Egyptian goddess of fertility and childbirth and is usually depicted as an anthropomorphic hippopotamus. She reveals herself to Mark and Stephen in one of the season's most unexpected moments, as she becomes a mentor to Reds Square after they are shot by Arthur Harrow.

Tawaret was unexpectedly a huge fan of hers in the last few episodes of the season, where her soft and cuddly personality contrasts sharply with her imposing appearance. With the help of a charismatic voice actress Antonia Salib, the fertility goddess proves to be one of the most lovable and memorable characters from the first season of Moon Knight

1. Steven Grant

Moon Knight: Characters Ranked By Likability

Stephen Grant is the first surrogate character that Mark develops as a result of trauma due to his mother's mistreatment. Based on the story of adventurer Dr. Stephen Grant from Mark's favorite childhood movie, Stephen becomes his escape from a world that often seems confusing to him.

Stephen may not be the original character of Oscar Isaac, but he is the most lovable by far. Although he may not be the most gritty of characters at the beginning of the series, he grows in heroism as he learns more about his past and establishes a relationship with Mark. Stephen is presented as incredibly kind and generous, even when others mistreat him horribly, and sticks to his goal as Mark's "best side".

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