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The Vampire Diaries: The Most Popular Actors Ranked By Instagram Followers

The Vampire Diaries is still popular even years after its end, which includes the cast members having a strong follower on Instagram.

The Vampire Diaries: The Most Popular Actors Ranked By Instagram Followers

Even several years after the series wrapped, it seems that The Vampire Diaries is still just as popular as ever. Split shows like The Originals and Legacies have helped keep fans engaged, to rewatch the series on Netflix or other streaming services. It's also an advantage that the talented cast is likable.

Many of the actors on the show have gone on to have notable successful careers apart from that. Even if they don't get a lot of roles, the cast members are still active on social media and have amassed some strong followers, especially when it comes to Instagram accounts. so here are The Vampire Diaries Most Popular Actors Ranked By Instagram Followers

Michael Malarkey (2.5M Followers)

Considering how many actors have been on The Vampire Diaries, it might come as a bit of a surprise that Michael Malarkey is among the most popular performers. He's only been on the show for a few seasons as Enzo St. John, an old vampire friend of Damon who ends up as Bonnie's romantic interest.

Malarkey's performance has made the character a fan favorite and the actor is also a talented musician. He shows this in various photos and videos on his account, but he is also known for posting inspirational quotes.

Daniel Gillies (4.1M Followers)

Daniel Gillis joined The Vampire Diaries in Season 2 as Elijah. It was a massive debut as he was the first original vampire seen in the series before it was revealed that he was part of an entire family. Elijah has been on the move for several seasons and helps lead the series The Originals.

It's clear from his Instagram that Gillies has been busy. He shares his admiration for movies and TV shows, while also posting about his work, including narrating an audiobook on Thor. Gillis has also posted pictures with the old cast members as well.

Kat Graham (6.8M Followers)

One of the most beloved cast members of the series was Kat Graham, as she was one of the only actors to appear in all eight seasons. She starred as Bonnie Bennett, a powerful witch who saved everyone on countless occasions in the series.

Graham is as multi-talented as she is, with her career diversifying to include singing, dancing, and even producing. Stunning fashion posts, along with music videos and dance videos have helped her gain an impressive following. After the show, Bennett continued her musical career and did a lot of voice acting.

Claire Holt (7M Followers)

Similar to Daniel Gilles, Claire Holt joined the show as a member of the Original family. She first appeared in early season 3 and became one of the show's most sympathetic and intriguing characters from that point forward. Of course, she helped lead The Originals despite missing a handful of episodes.

Fans who follow Holt on Instagram are sure to get plenty of shots of her loving family, including her two children. She is also a close friend of fellow franchise alum Phoebe Tonkin, so they have a lot of posts together. Holt recently even helped design a swimwear line that she shares photos of.

Joseph Morgan (7.5M Followers)

Similar to Danielle Giles, Claire Holt joined the show as a member of the original family. She made her debut early in the third season and became one of the most sympathetic and interesting characters on the show from that moment on. Of course, she helped lead The Originals even though there weren't quite a few episodes left.

Fans who follow Holt on Instagram are sure to get plenty of snaps of her loving family, including her two children. She is also close friends with fellow franchisee Alum Phoebe Tonkin, so they have a lot of posts together. Holt recently helped design her swimwear collection, which she shares photos of.

Phoebe Tonkin (7.6M Followers)

Phoebe Tonkin is another actress who was not on The Vampire Diaries but who has had a huge impact on The Originals. She appeared as Hayley Marshall, a werewolf friend of Tyler Lockwood who eventually hooked up with Klaus and had a child with him.

The Tonkin account is popular because she always posts cute pictures of herself, as well as snapshots of her hanging out with cast members of The Originals and The Secret Circle. She also shares updates about her career, is active, and has seen her notable roles.

Candice King (9.4M Followers)

Along with brothers Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes has also been on every season of The Vampire Diaries. She was portrayed by Candice King and like the other cast members, she hasn't had many major parts since the series ended.

Instead, King focused on her family life, getting married, and having two daughters. That family life is seen all over her Instagram account, which her followers adore. She also hosts a podcast with Kayla Ewell and seeing old cast members together is always a pleasure.

Paul Wesley (11.6M Followers)

At the center of the series was Stefan Salvatore, who certainly had his ups and downs but remained a moral compass for many of the other characters. Paul Wesley tackled the challenging but now iconic role, and these days he's still very active on social media platforms.

Wesley's Instagram account sees him posting pictures of his daily life and also a lot about his other activities. He recently started production and also started a whiskey brand with his TV brother Ian Somerhalder, better known as Brother's Bond Bourbon.

Ian Somerhalder (21M Followers)

Arguably the most popular character from The Vampire Diaries is Damon Salvatore. Ian Somerhalder played a bad boy made good through love, and audiences have appreciated his good looks as much as his character's epic development over the years.

Although he hasn't acted much since the series wrapped, Somerhalder is back in the vampire world with a lead role in Netflix's V Wars. Somerhalder's posts about his adventures in life, his wife Nikki Reed, their child, and most recently his reunion with Paul Wesley have also been documented.

Nina Dobrev (23.9M Followers)

Nina Dobrev's efforts on The Vampire Diaries were amazing because she played the main character of Elena Gilbert and her villainous young man Katherine Pierce, both to perfection. When I left the show in season six, a sense of emptiness could have been felt going forward.

Dobrev has gained a huge following thanks to the series, her great looks, and fun posts with her best friend Julianne Hough. Together they have a wine brand and have recently entered the world of production and staying active. Her Instagram is constantly updated with posts that everyone loves.

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