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The Originals: Are You A Mikaelson Or A Salvatore?

The Originals: Are You A Mikaelson Or A Salvatore?

Welcome back to Nation. Stefan and Damon Salvatores were close as brothers, but Katherine got into their lives and turned them into vampires. Their lives changed forever. Stefan forced Damon to become a vampire. then Damon made a decision to make his brother Stefan Salvatore's life hell. Damon caused a lot of trouble for Stefan, especially because he killed Lexi, Stefan's best friend. Salvatore had always had problems with each other, but the moment came to stand together, they fought for each other. Whereas, the Mikaelsons vowed to be together "always and forever" after they became the original vampires. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah Mikelson to always be there for each other.

Despite the vow, the Mikkelson siblings parted on several occasions. But whenever Klaus raged, Elijah made sure that he would protect his brother and always believed in his salvation. Salvatore and Mikaelson have each had their fair share of struggles, but despite all their differences, they have always chosen to protect one another. While Stefan and Damon got much better endings than Mikaelsons.

The Originals Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus and Elijah had their fair share of enemies, and surprisingly, they were not killed by any of their enemies. After living for a thousand years, they decide to end their lives on their own terms. The choice to end their lives was in their hands and that was their decision. Elijah gave a new meaning to "always and forever" when he decided to accompany his brother for what remained, even after their death.

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