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Supernatural: Which Villain From Supernatural Are You? (Quiz)

Despite fighting for good, there are some heroes in Supernatural that fans just can't stand, while some of the villains they encounter are adorable.

Supernatural: Which Villain From Supernatural Are You? (Quiz)

Sam and Dean Winchester faced the worst villains over the course of 15 seasons. While some of the baddies were cool, some turned out to be lame. Some started out as allies but turned into enemies, some were rotten to the core, while some acted evil with a purpose. Sam and Dean have battled literally every kind of super villain, from ghosts and demons to angels and God. While most of them barely managed to get the Winchesters to break a sweat, there were some who pushed our beloved Winchesters to the limit.

If a villain can make you hate them, it's the fact that they do their job to the fullest. But there were some characters that she didn't like because they were totally annoying. Metatron is one of those villains, God's scribe decided to play God when he got the Heavenly Tablets and caused the angels to fall. He managed to do what only a few characters in the supernatural universe could do, killing Dean Winchester. But the character redeems herself in Season 11 by deciding to sacrifice herself to give the Winchesters a head start to escape the darkness.

Supernatural Abbadon

In the seventh season, Castiel became extremely almighty after absorbing all the souls from Purgatory, but he didn't realize that he had also absorbed the ancient beasts God created before he created anything else. They were so dangerous that God locked them away. Finally, they took control of Castiel and rained down the chaos. Many consider the Leviathans to be the weakest of all the supervillains. The Architecture/Darkness character had a lot of potentials, but the writers really let her down. She is literally the second most powerful being in the entire super universe. She easily managed to defeat God, Winchesters, Lucifer, and Crowley. We really wish we could see the full scope of her powers, but her shifting impulses fail to be supernatural evil.

Undoubtedly, the most compelling and coolest villain on the show was Lucifer. He is responsible for killing many angels, demons, and humans. He has played a significant role in many important storylines. He made Sam's life a real hell, took control of the Four Horsemen, and did many evil things.

So Let's Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Supernatural Villains Are You?

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