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Riverdale: How Well Do you Know Jason Blossom (Quiz)

Riverdale: How Well Do you Know Jason Blossom (Quiz)

Riverdale begins with the tragedy of Jason Blossom, the twin brother of Cheryl Blossom, who was found dead under very mysterious circumstances. The story begins where he fell from a boat in the sweetwater River on July 4.

History is supposed to be alongside his sister, twin sister Cheryl. He is raised in Riverdale and has also been involved in a relationship with a girl called Polly, and this girl is Betty Cooper's sister.

On the Fourth of July, he and his sister took each other and went to the sweetwater River on a small boat at dawn.

Cheryl has told the authorities that she has dropped down her glove, in the water, and that Jason was trying so hard to bring her glove, and she was surprised that The boat was capsized in the sweetwater River, and drowned,

  • And From here, the investigation began to find out the real killer.

Indeed, Sheriff Keller began investigating and focusing on the case to find out who's the real killer was.
And here is an unexpected big accident that shocked everyone, which is that an autopsy led to Cheryl, who revealed the shocking truth!

You can imagine that Jason Blossom did not die on the Fourth of July.!
Cheryl Blossom also revealed that her brother wanted to leave Riverdale and never return.
And she has helped him by making a plan that makes their parents not go out to find Jason

She revealed that they had already reached Greendale (a town in the United States in Milwaukee County, "Wisconsin.") On the boat and then her brother left, saying that he would contact her within a month.

But, there is not enough information available about Jason, regardless of what can be deduced from his interactions with other characters in the town of Riverdale.
He bullied Jughead from time to time.
But according to his sister Cheryl, he was the best brother she could ever have.

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