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Where Do you Belong Riverdale Or Greendale (Quiz)

Where Do you Belong Riverdale Or Greendale (Quiz)

Where Do you Belong Riverdale Or Greendale (Quiz)

Welcome Back NationTV, Where do you want to live? Do you want to live in the town where there are witches and voodoo, or do you prefer to live in the town where there is a mystery and spend time with your friends and those close to you

Greendale is the town where Lucifer Morningstar falls in after his rebellion against God. This town is cursed and full of great evil. There are many magicians who come to Grendal to hide or practice magic.

But Riverdale is a small city and was founded in 1941 and there are two parts in this city where there is on the south side the poor and they are called houses of the Southside Serpents and the other side is the north side this place is for the rich where there are not many crimes and people live a luxurious life

There is more evil in the south side of Riverdale than the north side while many gangs who do illegal things and accuse the people of the north of being involved in doing illegal things, but the rich are trying to stay away from gangs and people from the south side and the Blossom family are the oldest and richest family in The city of Riverdale and they are also is the family that founded Riverdale

Do you want to live life like Witch or you prefer to spend time with your friends? Take This Quiz to find out Where you Belong do you Belong to Riverdale Or Greendale.

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