Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the articles, English is my second language

Riverdale: 'Barchie' Should Be Endgame

Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the article, English is my second language
The fourth season of Riverdale was bothering the romantic relationship between Archie and Betty - and let's be honest, "Barchie" should be Endgame.

The fictional town of Riverdale is home to one of the most famous love triangles: Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. In the universe of Archie Comics, Archie finds himself torn between the two girls and constantly goes back and forth between them. The triangle is very Iconic, when it was time for Archie to get married, two separate realities were created - one in which he chose Betty and the other married Veronica.

However, in the CW Riverdale series, things were a little different. While the first few episodes of the series excited this love triangle, this plotline took a sharp turn when Archie and Veronica began a romantic relationship, while Betty and Jughead had a relationship of their own. Since then, the couple has been going on double dates and supporting each other through a crazy adventure after another. However, it recently seems as though Riverdale is working to bring Archie and Betty closer. And at this point in the series, it seems to be said: Despite their current relationships, Archie and Betty should be Endgame in the series.

When we first met Archie and Betty from Riverdale, the two were longtime friends, and there was definitely an attraction between them, although perhaps it was a little bit stronger for Betty. However, things changed quickly when Veronica Lodge arrived at the school. The rich heiress quickly hit the school with a storm - and she swept Archie off his feet. Eventually, they became a couple, and have had their share of ups and downs since then.

Meanwhile, Betty overcame her crush on Archie and fell in love with his best friend, Jughead Jones. Together, Betty and Jughead also faced their hardships, but eventually found their way back through thick and thin.

However, Riverdale added a new wrinkle in Season 4. Suddenly, the attraction between Archie and Betty appears to be back, this has come at a time when they both are challenging their relationships. Archie and Veronica growing more distant, and they seem to use each other more as a distraction than anything else. Indeed, recently, one could say that their relationship is approaching a toxic territory.

As for Betty and Jughead, they have spent the last episodes of the series torn apart by Stonewall Prep students, who have tried to stage out the perfect murder with Jughead as their target. After their failed attempt, Jughead went into hiding, Betty and Archie have been falling for each other to help sell the lie. But even though it was only for the sake of appearances, the couple's fake relationship seems to have sparked something that has been dying for a long time. Betty is devoted to Jughead, sure, but he's been so busy in his own story that he's not paying attention to Betty - something that Archie looks better in any way.

Soon, Riverdale will end a chapter in the lives of its main characters when they graduate from high school. Since this will require the series to start in new directions, now would be the perfect time to end the four-year cultivated relationships and examine the other side of the Love Triangle Archie / Betty / Veronica. After all this time, we haven't yet seen how Archie and Betty behave like a couple, and the series has been around for a long time.

Since this was the relationship the show sparked in the first episode, it almost feels poetic to be Riverdale's ultimate goal. Maybe all the experiences and all the ups and downs are just steps to bring Betty and Archie together - and make them strong enough to be the perfect couple.

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