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Riverdale Poll - Who Should Betty End Up With Jughead, or With Archie?

Who Should Betty End Up With Jughead, or With Archie?
Riverdale will not air another new episode until April 8 (we are all stuck inside and there's nothing better to do), so here at NationTV, we have a lot of time to think of a particular emerging love triangle.
Yes, Betty has been dating Jughead long ago in Season 1, and they have stuck to each other through thick and thin, by serial killer fathers and murderous cults. (They even faked Jughead’s death together. If this wasn't true love, then what is it?),

But a flicker of suspicion entered the picture when Betty pretended to fall for her old boyfriend Archie while Jughead was "dead". Even Betty and Archie kissed each other and rushed to sell the trick ... But as Cheryl noticed, there were real sparks between them too, and both Betty and Archie seemed to seriously consider the idea of being more than just friends.

So who is the best match for Betty: Jughead or Archie? Allow us to make a quick case for every suitor before making your decision:


Romantic Betty and Jughead is the rock-solid foundation on which everything else rests in Riverdale. They are the most consistent couple in this show ... including any of the parents. It's a classic mismatch - it's Pet's teacher. he’s a sarcastic malcontent - but they understand each other deeply and accept each other's flaws. With all the crazy things that their relationship has already survived, do you think they'll let some red muscle-linked hair destroy their happy lives? (Plus, isn't Archie still with Veronica? Hey?)


Betty might love Jughead now ... but she's always been in love with Archie. She's pined for him since they were kids and he seems to be more comfortable with her than ever with Veronica. (Look at the way they bonded their shared grief after his father was killed and her father was locked up behind bars for life.) Archie was never appropriate in Ronnie's high-class world, and maybe it took these other high school relationships to realize that what they really needed was each other. (And you saw the same flirtation text exchange we did, right?)

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Well, Riverdale fans: it's your turn now. Vote in the poll below and tell us which guy you think Betty should end up with, then press the comments to defend your choice. (And remember: We are in the midst of a global health crisis, so let's be kind and polite to each other, okay?)

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