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Lucifer Theory: Lucifer Revealing his true Identity To Ella in Season 5?

Lucifer Theory: Lucifer Revealing his true Identity To Ella in Season 5?

Lucifer Theory: Lucifer Revealing his true Identity To Ella in Season 5?

In June last year, Netflix renewed the wonderful series Lucifer for the fifth season and the series contains 16 episodes

Netflix originally announced that Lucifer would only be 10 episodes, but after the viewers supported the series, Netflix decided to expand the series 16 episodes

The series Lucifer Season 5 is planned to air in 2020, but there is no final decision if the fifth season of the series will be the last season, but there are many hints that there is a possibility of the sixth season

The fourth season of the series Lucifer got an unexpected end, in the end, the prophecy was real and evil was released on earth as Chloe Decker admitted her love to Lucifer in the last scene in the last episode while Lucifer leaves to return to hell and he is ruling hell for now,

Lucifer always keeps his true identity and does not reveal it to anyone. Lucifer always reveals the truth to criminals to punish them, but he admitted his truth to Dr. Linda in the second season and his partner Chloe Decker in the third season

But the fans are now writing theories about another human being who might join this small group who know the truth of Lucifer as the true devil

A Reddit user posted a post to discuss with other fans about what they want to see in the season, the user (chers3bears)

Ella was introduced in the second season as a forensic scientist, Ella quickly became the group's friend and everyone loves and supports Ella because she is an amazing and wonderful person

Away from the Ella job in science, Ella is Christian and Ella always asks Lucifer to come with her in the church, and Ella does not think that lucifer story is real, and she told him that she does not believe what everyone says about Lucifer and this makes Lucifer admire Ella more

A fan commented, "We want to see Lucifer reveal his true identity to Ella. I love their relationship as sisters and brother duo."

If this happens in season five, and this is what should happen, she will join the small group who know the true identity of Lucifer

Well, actress Amiee Garcia (Ella) spoke a few months ago with Entertainment Tonight about the relationship of Ella and Lucifer in season five

Amiee said that their Relationship definitely will change a lot if Ella knew lucifer true identity

She said: “I love that she doesn’t know because she can say things like, ‘Oh, that’s right you’re the devil. AKA method actor.’

“So, I don’t want to take that fun away from her, especially now that Chloe knows.”

But she was certainly not mistaken. Ella and Lucifer’s relationship will change a lot. This may take Ella a lot of time, but Ella will definitely be curious and want to talk to him about his identity and Heaven and Hell. as soon as she finds out

but we don't know yet if this could happen, we will find out soon enough

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