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Lucifer Season 5: Will Azrael Return (What Happened to Azrael)

Lucifer Season 5: Will Azrael Return (What Happened to Azrael)

Lucifer, Season 5 is coming soon, on Netflix, and the fans, as usual, re-watch the series more than one time, and in the third season a new character appeared and she was appearing only to Ella Lopez, but Lucifer discovered that his sister appears to one of his friends, Azrael, and the fans were curious: Will Lucifer Sister Azrael returns, and what happened to her

The third season of Lucifer had additional episodes, and in an episode called Boo Normal, it is the one which the angel Azrael, the angel of death, appeared for the first time. We are seeing this angel on earth.

What happened to Azrael?

What happened to Azrael?

Unlike all the angels, Azrael, Still serving God, She was appointed the angel of death, and Azrael contains a strong Powers that allow her to speak to the dead, Azrael is you Younger sister of Amenadiel (DB Woodside) And The Fallen Angel Lucifer (Tom Ellis), as well as Azrael, have all the other angels Powers and even more than them as the angel of death, Like, Immortality Flight and she can be invisibility unlike the other angels they can't they can walk among us but we don't know them

Although Azrael did not appear a lot in the series, Azrael has a great history in the series as She also met Ella Lopez when she was young and despite the service of God Azrael she tried to visit Lucifer after he was Cast out from heaven but Azrael did not visit Lucifer because she was busy with Human's souls,

Despite Azrael Job, but she always stopped and visited Ella, and she told her that she was a ghost named Ray-Ray to hide the fact that she is the angel of death.

In Fact, Azrael was the Reason Why Ella Moved to LA and Meeting Lucifer Azrael Believed that they can help each other and take care of each other,

But later, Azrael admitted that she was the one who made Ella move to Los Angeles to be in the Lucifer's life so that the two characters whom Azrael loves them could meet, but she can't be with them because of her job, and this happened in the third season so that the fallen angel was reunited with his little sister Azrael

Although Ella believed that Ray-Ray was only a ghost, that appears only to her, However, Ray's truth was revealed to fans that she was 
Lucifer Sister, The Angel of Death

in the last scene, Azrael was watching over Ella and Lucifer Together from distance in season 3 Ep 21

Will Azrael return in Lucifer season 5?

Will Azrael return in Lucifer season 5?

There is no official information from the cast and crew yet that Azrael will return in season five

(Charlyne Yi) The actress who performed the role of Azrael did not provide any information or talk about her role

However, we all know that Azrael Still out there collecting Human Souls there is a chance that she could return

In the fifth and final season of Lucifer, Lucifer will meet with her mother, and God will appear the first time in the series, and his meeting with Lucifer will be the first time since Lucifer was expelled from heaven.

while Lucifer reunited with his family there is a chance that Azrael could join them,

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