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Lucifer - Season 5 God Is Coming

Lucifer - Season 5 God Is Coming

Lucifer casts Dennis Haysbert to star as God
Lucifer fans are tossing out theories and needs for season five since the renewal was announced last year, and therefore the show’s cast and crew are kind enough to share tidbits of what’s to return. Netflix still hasn’t shared the discharge date for the primary half the ultimate season, but in the meantime, viewers can rest assured that the plot is thickening for the last round.

Lucifer could also be back on duty in Hell, but there’s someone who could help change his predicament.

Guess who’s gonna be in Lucifer’s world?

Lucifer - Can you Recognize These Characters

There’s one being who fans are eager to see for the past few seasons, and it’s none aside from G-O-D. you recognize Luci has serious daddy issues, and this is often the right time for Papa’s long-awaited arrival. What took him so long?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the character will appear throughout the season and fans will see him interact with both his sons, Lucifer and Amenadiel. Dennis Haysbert is going to be taking over the fatherly role, someone who co-showrunner Joe Henderson said was his top choice. We love it too.

Haysbert, who’s a seasoned actor known for twenty-four, The Unit, the Allstate man, and an extended list of other film and tv roles, was down for the part because of D.B. Woodside, his former 24 co-stars. He told EW:

“Every time I see D.B., there’s always this fondness and this connection…We worked on a show that was arguably one among the simplest shows ever produced on television, so you’re getting to have a sort of camaraderie. I don’t skills I went from brothers to father. We’re celestial. we will do this .”

God’s appearance is sure to cause father-son friction, sibling rivalry, and maybe some weird interventions when it involves Luci’s fate and Amenadiel’s baby, but we’re here for it.

A number of new characters are going to be introduced on ‘Lucifer’

from the Lucifer writers’ shared post, the return of season five began in September 2019. a minimum of half the 16-episode final installment has been filmed already and fans will get to ascertain some new faces. Actors like David Figlioli, Eddie Flake, Brianne Davis, and Matt Gerald will appear in season five.

There will be new criminals, detectives, demons, and maybe angels too within the final season where viewers will see Lucifer navigate life within the underworld and life on Earth. Now that it’s been confirmed God is coming aboard, maybe fans also will see another list character show up: Maze’s mom Lilith.

Lucifer season 5 will grant fans more of this

 One thing that's promised from the cast and co-showrunner, Ildy Modrovich, is that there'll be lots and much of Deckerstar moments. that ought to quell any fears about Chloe and Lucifer being star-crossed, long-distance lovers for the bulk of the show. Will they finally get their happily ever after?

Lucifer teased That There A Possibility That on Lucifer Season 5 "Maybe" We Gonna See a Wedding but We don't Know Who's wedding or if even gonna be one

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