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The Magicians - Reveals Who The Dark King Really Is What's His Plan?

The Magicians - Reveals Who The Dark King Really Is What's His Plan?

The Magicians - Reveals Who The Dark King Really Is What's His Plan?
Welcome Back Nation TV, The Magicians finally explained who the Dark King is, how he became that way, and what his plans are for the future of Fillory. So far, The Magicians season 5 has been quite the joys ride, with one world-ending event occurring after another and with each main character handling something different and private after Quentin's death within the season 4 finale. Alice and Eliot seemed to have taken Quentin's passing the toughest, but that's just on-screen, seeing as they've all been grieving from it in profound ways.
To cope and to Move on, though, everyone has been tackling various problems throughout The Magicians season 5 - and one among those issues is deciding who the Dark King is and the way to overthrow him. When Eliot and Margo returned to Fillory following Quentin's death, they somehow traveled many years into the future, and Fillory was being ruled by someone called the Dark King. His rule was questionable, but he was undoubtedly Fillory's savior, as he was the only one that could keep the Takers cornered. But The Magicians delivered a shocking twist revealing the Dark King's identity.

The Dark King is Rupert Sebastian Chatwin (which is why he goes by Seb), one among the five Chatwin siblings who the themes of Christopher Plover's Fillory and Further book series. within the novels by Lev Grossman, Rupert Chatwin was said to possess used a spell during war II to assist the Allies to win the Battle of the Bulge. However, Syfy's The Magicians season 5 takes a special approach and turns him into a villain who wants to be reunited with the person he loves.

As Plover explained to Fen and Margo within the Magicians season 5, episode 9, "Cello Squirrel Daffodil", Martin Chatwin aka The Beast way back wanted to form himself immortal by casting a conduit spell that might tie him to the magical wellspring of Fillory. So so as to thwart The Beast's plans, Rupert cast the spell first. Still, The Beast was powerful enough to place Rupert into a sleeping curse, which ultimately lifted when Quentin and everybody else saved magic at the end of season 4 - thereby leading to the magic surges that awoke Rupert from his slumber.
Reveals Who The Dark King Really Is What's His Plan?
Now that he's awake, the Rupert aka the Dark King wants to be reunited with Lance, but it's unclear if this may be in real-world or the afterlife. Rupert was telling Lance, whose ghost Julia and Quentin had met years ago, to attend by the door. Since Rupert sees being immortal as a burden, perhaps he doesn't want to bring Lance back to life but will rather find out how to assist him to advance then he, too, will break himself from the conduit and die, too. But if not, and if Rupert wants to resurrect Lance, then the ultimate episodes of The Magicians will definitely be interesting to observe.

Interestingly, The Magicians season 5 also features a separate storyline playing out at an equivalent time with Penny and Plum Chatwin. As Penny acknowledged, Jane Chatwin, who was also ready to use time magic, helped defeat her brother The Beast. Perhaps The Magicians will end during a similar fashion, with Plum Chatwin using time magic to assist the most characters to defeat the Dark King. it might bring the series full circle before it ends.

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