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Doctor who - Jo Martin Didn’t Know Ruth Was Actually The Doctor

In Season 12, Doctor. who introduced Joe Martin as a "new" doctor - and she had no idea she was playing her role. The doctor showrunner Chris Chipnal promised the twelfth season to redefine the series, and he wasn't overrated. The season finale rewrote the history of the doctor, revealing the doctor is not the time Lord - she is the timeless child, originating from another universe, with unlimited regenerations.

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The season also presented actress Joe Martin (feathered birds, Empire of Bretas, and Bill) as an embodiment never seen before by the doctor. Her character was presented as a tour guide who lived in Gloucester, Ruth Clayton, but this identity turned out to be false. This mysterious doctor used Time Lord's technology to hide the present day and replaced her consciousness with a fake one. Revelation leaving viewers staggered.

Speaking on Doctor Who Magazine # 549, Martin reveals her surprise. She is a fan of Old School Doctor Who grew up watching the adventures of Tom Baker and Peter Davison, and her son is hooked to the modern series. She actually auditioned for the part of Ruth, described as a tour guide. She began to realize that something was wrong when they tested it against the scenes as she was leading the TARDIS. "Sometimes with tests, they don't give you the actual text," she noted. "They will give you something different just to see how you read. I thought maybe this was what happened. So I put it in the back of my mind, I went to the test and I hope for the best ... I had no idea I was going to be a doctor!"

Martin only knew the truth when Chibnall gave her a phone call to tell her that she had got the role - and revealed that she was playing the role of a doctor. "I wanted to run down the street," guess what? Guess what? Guess what? But I had to button it and be like, “I just work as a tour guide.” Martin couldn't tell her son, just because she knew he was more than a fan and would be so excited not to tell his friends at school. He only learned the truth when he was watching the episode.

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Martin was not the only one surprised by the learning of the doctor who in season 12 was introducing a new doctor. Doctor Who magazine's April issue also includes an interview with fashion designer Ray Holman, who designed the signature and cool doctor's costume. He deliberately waited until Martin was selected for the role before deciding on the shape of the new doctor, and he ended up incorporating a Kente cloth to represent her. It is an African wax-printed fabric, and both he and Martin were thrilled when they found beautiful and vibrant patterns. Doctor Who's new costume is almost universal praise by Dr. who fan base, and Martin seems to have been a hit.

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