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Doctor Who - Timeless Child Creates A Major Problem for all Future Villains

Doctor Who - Timeless Child Creates A Major Problem for all Future Villains

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The doctor who reveals the Timeless child means that the future bad guys won't be quite so threatening. The conclusion of the twelfth season of the Doctor who changed the full position of excellence through a series of great revelation. The doctor fell from another world in our world and was adopted by a scientist from the planet Gallifrey. The doctor showed a natural ability to regenerate upon death, and the Lords overwhelmed this power for themselves, and finally, they were able to paste it into their own genetic makeup.

The regeneration gimmick in Doctor Who is a genius that has allowed the series to survive more than 50 years, replacing the lead actor over and over to reach new generations of fans. However, it does come with a major flaw - the threat of The Doctor being killed greatly reduced. Usually in adventure, fantasy, or science fiction because the lead character is often at risk of imminent death, whether due to a perilous journey or a left villain. The ability to regenerate means that the doctor who drives a man or woman rarely appears to be in danger, but this has historically been treated by placing a 12 regeneration limit. Consequently, The Doctor could die should all of their forms be spent.

The Timeless child changed all that. Since the doctor is not from Gallifrey, she cannot obey the 12th capitulation ceiling imposed by the Lords themselves. Given what is known now, the doctor may have an infinite amount of regenerations, and many of the previous lives glimpsed so far certainly indicates as much. Going forward, the audience will be fully aware that the doctor can not only renew it but can also do it with nausea, until the enemy surrenders and goes home. Previously, with the maximum allowed, any threat to the doctor carried at least some weight, similar to the loss of life in a video game; sometimes, goodbye. But now, any villain or emergency threatening the doctor is laughable, as the hero is likely to recover from all injuries.
This will be a major bind in future seasons for Doctor Who, but there are some potential solutions. First, "time lords" could have imposed their artificial limit on the doctor, although this would need some explanation and explanation sooner rather than later. Secondly, David Tennant's Doctor one day tried to make regeneration closer to death, with every version of The Doctor feeling that they were dying, rather than renewing, but that's just a technique, not necessarily a common shared by the audience. Finally, the doctor previously stated that if the regeneration process was stopped for any reason, t a Time Lord can still die midway through. This is not something many doctors have followed up on, so its authenticity could be questioned, especially now the doctor has been outed as a non-Time Lord. Alternatively, Time Lords possesses several different kryptonite, such as the sap in the Judah tree, which the doctor can use more.

One frequent method Doctor Who has used to navigate throughout the regeneration problem is to keep companions and innocent civilians in villains' cross hairs, rather than the doctor, and take advantage of the fragile mortality. While this can certainly be effective, the doctor herself needs to take risks now and then, and viewers may also expect the protagonist to constantly sacrifice herself in future adventures, and now it seems there is no end to its renewal. It does not make sense to let Rory die all the time when the doctor cannot be killed. This is just another example of how to change a Timeless child's game. Although the storyline has the potential to unlock completely new doors for Doctor Who, there are plenty of lingering plot points that need to be addressed before the show moves forward for the next season.

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