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Doctor Who - 5 Characters Who Have Grown A Lot

Doctor Who - 5 Characters Who Have Grown A Lot

Doctor Who - 5 Characters Who Have Grown A Lot
Although the last season of Doctor Who ended just three weeks ago, fans remind themselves forever of why they fell in love with the show in the first place. Just a few days ago, fans held a special re-watch of the 50th Anniversary episode, indicating that the series can unite people from all over the world.

Part of what makes a really cool doctor (besides fandom) is his Characters. From the start, viewers were amazed by the growth of the cast.


 Jackie Tyler

 Jackie Tyler Doctor Who
Jackie Tyler already appeared in the first episode of the series that was revived as Rose Tyler's mother. In that episode, she was depicted as a completely ironic character, arguing with her daughter about suing Henrik's for the explosion and then after that, she comes to the doctor himself, just to be shot down.

Although Jackie continues to make some excellent comedies, she has grown enormously as a person over 4 seasons. In "Love & Monsters," viewers learn how hard it is for Jackie, who feel increasingly lonely and never know if her daughter will return.

 The Twelfth Doctor

 The Twelfth Doctor
It has been almost 7 years since the twelfth doctor first appeared on the 50th-special anniversary, "The Doctor Of The Day," so you can be forgiven to forgetting how unusual this incarnation was to the doctor in his first season. he was very bad with Clara and rude to everyone.

but During Seasons 9 and 10, The Doctor Become funny and Nice and Childish, but he still has that sense of aura of grumpiness, but we got an Amazing Portrayal of The Doctor who is still severely underrated.

 Clara Oswald

 Clara Oswald Doctor who
When she was first introduced in Season 7, Clara Oswald was basically just there to serve as a mystery for the doctor to solve. Throughout this season, Clara's character development was minimal at best. However, all of that changed in the next two seasons.

The eighth season saw a massive increase in Clara's confidence and abilities, making her cope with an older and more volatile doctor. Her relationship with Danny Pink also helped to humanize Clara. When season 9 came, she got used to her new lifestyle once and loved every minute of it until the very end.

Donna Noble

Doctor Who Donna Noble
This entry is irrefutable! When Donna first introduced tp doctor who was in “The Runaway Bride” (or “Technically Doomsday”), she initially didn't make a great first impression with the doctor or viewers. It was noisy, rude, and selfish, and the doctor couldn't wait to get rid of her.

When it was revealed that Donna was returning as a full-time owner, everyone was understandably uncomfortable. Fortunately, the old Donna disappeared. In her place was a strong, sympathetic woman who could stand in front of the doctor and still be his best friend. Donna was one of Dr. Who best companions.

The Thirteenth Doctor

The Thirteenth Doctor
When the thirteenth doctor burst on our screens, fans, and critics warmed to her almost immediately. She was funny, friendly, cute, and incredibly exciting. However, she stayed that way for the majority of Season 11, which meant viewers couldn't see her at the edge, and her enthusiasm was grated.

When season 12 was aired earlier this year, the doctor was instantly more restrained, so she was more likable. Additionally, with the whole horde of returning villains presented by Season 12, the doctor manages to become completely dark, which is refreshing. We hadn't seen it in the previous season, and we saw new dimensions of her personality.

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