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5 Characters Who got the Best Character Development in (Riverdale)

Riverdale has A lot of Characters that started Bad Or good But Their Live's changed during the Seasons we are going to look at 5 Characters Who got the Best Character Development in The Riverdale show
Welcome back NationTV. This Archie comics-inspired show "Riverdale" has run successfully for four seasons and not much has come yet. In Riverdale, we experienced huge growth during the seasons and developed for the better. So let's take a look at those characters who have undergone the best character transformation in Riverdale and are now loved by viewers.

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1. F.P. Jones

 F.P. Jones
F.P Jones is one of those characters who has undergone a real Character transformation in the show. In season one, we saw how irresponsible he was as a father and also an alcoholic who was a gang leader. He was absent from Jughead's life and didn't take care of him at first but he is now more responsible and takes care of his family as well as all of Riverdale's civilians. He now has a stable life than he was before.

2. Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews
From a boy who wanted to learn music to now running a community as well as his father's business, Archie definitely grew a lot. He faced a lot of problems with the show, first dealing with the problems of his friend, then the black Hood, then Hiram, then the death of his father. Archie almost left the city but returned and faced everything and now he handles everything on his own without any support and also tries to manage his studies with it. He has a lot on his plate but he has not lost his faith in himself. Well done Archie!

3. Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge
Veronica has definitely come a long way when it comes to character development. Earlier she was rich belonging only to a mobster family she was the princess of her father. But now she has broken all ties with her family's business and runs her own business as well as the maple rum business. She has a competitive spirit and never gives up no matter how Hiram tried to break. Certainly a strong girl.

4. Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper
Alice definitely got better after she decided to leave Hal Cooper. Her character is still improving as a person and she is now a better parent for both of her daughters. Somewhere we thought she stopped taking care of her children but deep down everything she did was to protect her family. Alice is contributing her part for the betterment of Riverdale which shows how she wants to be a good person.

5. Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper was like a girl next door when we started watching the show, but now she works on herself and always tries to solve the problem of her loved ones and the problem surrounding Riverdale. Her character is closely followed in the show and is now an excellent investigator and can do anything when someone tries to cross her loved ones.

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