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Riverdale - 10 Character Archie Should Have Been With Other Than Veronica

Riverdale - 10 Character Archie Should Have Been With Other Than Veronica

Riverdale - 10 Character Archie Should Have Been With Other Than Veronica
While Archie and Veronica look great together on the Riverdale Series, with intense chemistry and a passion for each other, there is some signs that the relationship may be toxic. They seem to be fuel on each other to do questionable things and troubles seem to follow them wherever they go. It was arguably Archie's relationship with Veronica that set off a firestorm of bad luck for the young man that goes way beyond your typical teen angst.

This was mostly because her father manipulating him and then vendetta against him. While all this has calmed down, Riverdale still suffers from drama, murder اand scandal. We cannot say that Archie and Veronica caused all this. But would his life be different if he stayed in a relationship with another person or started a relationship with someone else? Here are 10 people he could have been with instead.

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 1 - Toni

Toni Archie
Certainly, Toni and Cheryl meant to be with each other. But it is clear that Toni might have been bisexual as she had a brief experience with Jughead. Imagine if instead of Cheryl, she met Archie?

This will make a beautiful union between Archie and Riverdale's Kids and the Serpents. Both are tough but yet level-headed and Toni might be able to talk some sense into Archie when he wanted to do crazy things (as she did with Cheryl) instead of urging him on the unwavering support for her "Archie-kins."

 2 - Katy Keene 

Katy Keene Archie
Sure, Katy is Veronica's longtime friend from back in New York. So it would be terrible for Archie to meet and love her after she had already dated Veronica. But assuming that he and Veronica never dated and just remained friends, Katy might be a better partner.

She could use his help to deal with her sick mother's ailing health and may have coaxed him to live in a big, bright city and apparently out of the cursed town of Riverdale.

 3 - Midge 

Midge  Archie
Poor Midge met an early demise at the hands of the Black Hood. Before that, she was in a relationship with the closeted Moose, completely unaware that he was gay and hadn't yet gone out.

While she and Moose were likely to remain great friends as soon as he revealed the truth, that might leave the door open for her to be the kind and innocent partner for Archie. It would have been a teenager's usual love, allowing him to live a normal life as a teenager. It might have helped keep Midge away from trying the drug Jingle Jangle that she and Moose had experimented with.

4 - Ethel

Ethel Archie
While Ethel seems to have disappeared recently, she was a nice fellow at Riverdale who could have been a good Archie partner. While she got caught in the sinister game of Gryphons and Gargoyles, Archie, as a boyfriend, might have been able to reach her and bring her back to reality.

She certainly does not look like the typical girl who might fall in love with Archie. But it could have been good for him and he for her in the long run!

5 - Valerie

Valerie Archie
Archie and Valerie's relationship was going well until she decided to end things. why? Because he was involved with the Blossom family and was apparently ignoring it. This is an understandable reason to break up with someone, after all.

If Archie had spent less time dealing with the drama and more than just being a regular teenager in love, their engagement would probably have continued. Valerie was a good student focusing on talent for singing and songwriting as part of Josie and the Pussycats trio. They could have made sweet, sweet music together.

6 - Polly

Polly Archie
Well, listen to us. While Polly doesn't look like the right person to Archie, they've known each other since they were kids. Sure, she was pregnant with the late twins of Jason Blossom. And yes, she became part of an evil cult. But she is clearly a good person deep down.

If things had gone differently for her and had not been sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Archie would have been there for her during her pregnancy. Yes, her sister Betty had been pining for Archie. But it is not uncommon to love your sister's best friend.

 7 - Cheryl

Cheryl Archie
Cheryl is Gay But if not, she and Archie would have made a fierce couple. Cheryl is almost like the polar opposite of Archie. It's loud and overly confident (or at least trying to show it), flashy, and makes an impression anytime she walks in the room.

On the other hand, Archie is soft-spoken but strong-willed with a deeply moral compass. As they say, opposites attract; these two could be the ideal couple who clashes yet complements one another . Additionally, they both have those red flowing locks.

8 - Josie

Josie Archie
The leader of Josie and the Pussycats, it seems that the relationship between Archie and Josie came out of nowhere. But they were both nice and shared a common love of music. Eventually, Josie left to pursue her dreams of becoming a famous musician and now she is appearing in the Spin-off Katy Keene.

Archie should have left Riverdale to go with her and pursue his love for music as well. It would have gotten him out of every drama. And without everything surrounding them, they might have been able to make it last.

9 - Betty

Betty And Archie
Betty today is very different from the Betty we originally met. It seems that the sweet, quiet and innocent girl with ponytail has been spoiled by Veronica. Or maybe she had a darkness in her that would come out in the end.

However, if Archie had reciprocated the feelings with her in that first episode and said he loved her too (more than a friend), they could have been Riverdale's power couple. This would not have prevented all unfortunate events. But maybe they are better together.

10 - No One

Riverdale Archie
Why should Archie with anyone at all? We've never really been able to see single Archie who can focus on himself now instead of in a relationship. He needs time to deal with the sorrow of losing his father, the gym, the safety of his friends and family and his grades in school, not to mention his future upon graduation.

Archie does more than any other high school student. So the best person for Archie now is, well, Archie. He needs to focus on himself above all!

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