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The Stranger Things star addresses Hopper and Joyce's marriage in Season 5

David Harbor talks about the possibility of Hopper's Joyce and Winona Ryder officially tying the knot in Stranger Things season 5.

The Stranger Things star addresses Hopper and Joyce's marriage in Season 5

Stranger Things star David Harbor comments on whether audiences can expect Joyce to marry Hopper and Winona Ryder in Season 5. It was first released on Netflix in 2016, and since then Stranger Things has become one of the most popular streaming shows. After recently wrapping up its fourth season, the Duffer Brothers' hit horror/fantasy show is gearing up for one final season, which promises to deliver an epic, action-packed, and emotional finale for its core group of heroes.

In his recent appearance at Middle East Film & Comic Con (shared by @notFredric), Harbor addressed the future of his character's relationship with Joyce and whether Season 5 of Stranger Things will see their relationship.

While neither confirming nor denying that marriage will take place between the two reunited lovers, Harbor expresses confidence that the Duffer Brothers will satisfactorily conclude their story. Check out Harbor's full commentary below:

"I mean, they kind of deserve each other. I think it will be... I don't know, we'll have to see where it goes. I mean, I think it's going to be a really interesting season for both of them based on what's gone before. The Duffers have a good way of paying off a lot of things." That you want them to push. And they usually stick to a lot of things. So, I think they'll do with this relationship, too."

What could be next for Hopper and Joyce in Stranger Things Season 5?

The Stranger Things star addresses Hopper and Joyce's marriage in Season 5

Season 3 saw Hopper and Joyce grow a lot closer after the tragic death of Bob (Sean Astin) in season 2. However, Ryder's character spends most of the fourth season trying to save him. Finally, the season 4 finale of The Stranger Things saw the two characters reunite and return to the land of America.

Season 4 ends with a massive, upside-down incursion into the real world with Hawkins as the epicenter, setting the stage for an epic showdown to come. With Stranger Things season 5 confirmed to pick up the story after a significant time jump, Hopper and Joyce's relationship will likely be much longer than when season 4 ended. Depending on how much time has passed, Hopper and Joyce could already be engaged or married when the new season begins.

It's also possible, of course, that it may not be smooth sailing for Hopper and Joyce in Stranger Things season 5. Despite their apparent love for each other, the two tend to argue a lot, and it might take a little TLC for the duo to find their footing as a couple. Hopefully, after fearing Hopper's death again in Season 3, the characters of Harbor and Joyce will live through the events of Stranger Things season 5 and enjoy a happy, satisfying ending.

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