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Sam Raimi is Actively Developing the Evil Dead Animated Show, Teasing Campbell

Bruce Campbell teases that Sam Raimi is actively developing the Evil Dead animated show, confirming that the creator is also working alongside his brother.

Sam Raimi is Actively Developing the Evil Dead Animated Show, Teasing Campbell

Nearly a year after the project was first announced, Bruce Campbell revealed that Sam Raimi is actively developing an Evil Dead animated show. The long-running horror franchise has largely focused on Ashley G. Williams who Campbell doesn't do well with as he frequently finds himself up against demonic forces known as Deadites summoned by ancient Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Campbell starred in the first three Evil Ded movies and returned for Starz's Ash vs Evil Dead, which ended abruptly after a season three cliffhanger.

During a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting, Bruce Campbell gave an update on the highly anticipated Evil Dead animated spin-off. The franchise star turned producer confirmed that Sam Raimi is still actively developing the series with the help of one of his brothers, though it was indicated that production has yet to begin on the show. See what Campbell said below:

All I can say is that we strive for it. Sam is a busy man. He's had a hugely successful movie, so he's got a lot on his plate, but he and his brother are actively shaping the world. It's one thing to get an animator and say, "Hey, animate this!" You have to know what you're going to move to. I'm looking forward to it because my voice hasn't aged as much as I have.

Why now is the perfect time to view the evil dead animation?

Sam Raimi is Actively Developing the Evil Dead Animated Show, Teasing Campbell

While it may not seem like much of an update, Campbell's latest comments on the Evil Dead animated show are proving more promising than his most recent discussion, which was only in talks. With his schedule now free again after last year's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it's a relief for longtime fans of the cult-favorite franchise to know that original creator Sam Raimi remains at the helm of concept development and the scientist for the animated revival.

At the time of writing, it's not clear what the plot is for the Evil Dead animated show, but one hopes it will be a revival of Ash vs Evil Dead considering it's a cliffhanger where Ash Campbell wakes up in a post-apocalyptic future and partners with a woman. Booster works for the Sumerian Knights. Army of Darkness almost ended on a similarly bleak note, only to have Universal change it due to wanting a more positive ending.

Campbell's return to the Evil Dead animated show now would be the perfect extension for the franchise, which is currently preparing for its first theatrical installment in a decade with Evil Dead Rise in April. Unlike Raimi's films and series, it seems to take a darker approach to the material, a tone 2013's Evil Dead welcomed, while others missed the dark comedy and slapstick found in the original trilogy. With shows like The Boys Presents: Diabolical and Rick and Morty showing the extent of modern adult animation, and Campbell's steady game of voice work as Ash, now is as good a time as any for an Evil Dead animated show.

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