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Keanu Reeves Reveals The One Director He Wants To Work With

Three-time Oscar nominee for Best Director, Keanu Reeves reveals the one director he would still love the chance to work with.

Keanu Reeves reveals the one director he wants to work with

Keanu Reeves reveals the one director he still really wants to work with. Reeves has had a long career, working with many acclaimed directors. Early in his career, he worked with Francis Ford Coppola on 1992's Dracula, Kathryn Bigelow on Point Break, and Gus Van Sant on My Own Private Idaho. Reeves' career will also see him work with Anna Lily Amirpour, Richard Linklater, The Wachowskis, David Ayer, and Francis Lawrence. However, Reeves has aspirations of working with another highly regarded director.

While answering questions on a Reddit AMA, Reeves was asked which actors or directors he would still love to work with. He replied, "Let's go with David Fincher today."

Reeves has never worked with Fincher, but he's a clear fan of the director's work, picking him from a crowded field of creators as the only director he'd still love working with at some point.

Could Keanu Reeves and David Fincher work together?

Keanu Reeves Reveals The One Director He Wants To Work With

Fincher has had a successful career directing movies that connect with critics and audiences, even when venturing into the satisfying territory. He first gained notoriety with 1995's Se7en, a gritty thriller about detectives hunting a serial killer. Fincher would go on to manage Fight Club, Zodiac, and The Social Network, making a name for himself as one of Hollywood's top directors.

Fincher also became known for his meticulous nature, often shooting far more scenes than most directors, with reports that he might do more than 100 takes. It's a technique that's been used by many directors, including Stanley Kubrick, whose style inspired the Wachowskis. While working on The Matrix franchise with the Wachowskis, Reeves underwent a similar shooting style, often doing dozens of takes, which apparently could prepare him for the Fincher style.

However, along with Reeves' ability to handle Fincher's directing style, the two often gravitate toward similar themes in their work. Fincher often indulges in dark themes but loves to explore ideas of alienation, feminism, toxic masculinity, and dehumanization. And while Reeves' resume is quite eclectic, he's also ventured into those themes with films like The Matrix, Thumbsucker, A Scanner Darkly, To the Bone, and Knock Knock, among others. So while Keanu Reeves and Fincher haven't worked together yet, the two may be a perfect fit for the right project.

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