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The Last Kingdom Movie Release Date 18th Feb, Everything We Know (Finale)

The Last Kingdom finale, Seven Kings Must Die, releases new visuals along with the air date, which will serve as a finale to the series.

The Last Kingdom Movie Release Date 18th Feb, Everything We Know (Finale)

Netflix has revealed the release date for Seven Kings Must Die, the finale to The Last Kingdom. The series depicts the rise of England amid the Vikings' voyages to Anglo-Saxon lands and ran for five seasons from 2015 to 2022. Seven Kings Must Die will be the show's climactic moment as all its arcs close.

New, relevant images show that Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon) must begin his final attempt to unite England in Seven Kings Must Die.

The Last Kingdom standalone movie will be less of a continuation and more of a follow-up event telling its own story. The final moments of The Last Kingdom are fast approaching, as Seven Kings Must Die hits Netflix on April 14, according to a report from Variety.

Later Today The Last Kingdom Official Page Release The Final Date For Seven Kings Must Die and it's  Officially Coming on the 18th of February.

Everything we know about Seven Kings Must Die

The Last Kingdom Movie Release Date 18th Feb, Everything We Know (Finale)

Most of The Last Kingdom's cast is set to return for Seven Kings Must Die. Along with Drymon, Finn Elliot (Young Uhtred), Robbie Hartley (Styora), Rod Hallett (King Constantine), Timothy Innes (King Edward), Cavan Clerkin (Father Berleg), Stephanie Martini (Lady Edith), Olly Rhodes (Osbert), More are expected to appear in production. Whether they reached Bebbanburg in Uhtred is still questionable.

With King Edward dead, it will be Uhtred's responsibility to stabilize England in Seven Kings Must Die. As heirs and heirs vie for the crown, he will need to unite England under one banner to ensure their safety. In the process, Netflix promises that he'll need to choose between his loved ones and the Earth and the people he's strived to bring together throughout The Last Kingdom.

The project is being directed by Ed Bazalgette, who previously worked on The Last Kingdom. Seven Kings Must Die will be 120 minutes long and will serve as the complete finale of the show with no chance of future seasons. To give a satisfactory ending, several plot points must be completed before The Last Kingdom ends.

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