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Wednesday: Can You Score 70% in This Trivia Test? (Quiz)

Wednesday: Can You Score 70% in This Trivia Test? (Quiz) 

Wednesday: Can You Score 70% in This Trivia Test? (Quiz)

Welcome Back NationTV, Wednesday is a series that was presented by the Netflix platform. The series has attracted the attention of many viewers around the world. The series tells the story of an unusual girl called Wednesday Addams played by the actor Jenna Ortega. Wednesday moves from a regular school to a Supernatural School to be with children like her with super-powers like her, but she is introverted, does not like to talk a lot, and does not like transactions with humans, and This is what caught the attention of many fans, When she moved to a new school, she faced new challenges, The series presented us with many characters, such as Enid with the fun and happy personality, Xavier, and many wonderful Characters, 

Produced by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, Wednesday, the long-awaited Netflix series centering on the titular character from the Addams family, doesn't quite get the better of it. This is a project right down Tim Burton's alley, and the acclaimed director helms four out of eight episodes, but there's a distinct lack of imagination and style when it comes to Wednesday's story. Jenna Ortega is great in the title role, but she's often better than the underwhelming material she's been given to work with and the other characters are sidelined to serve the somewhat hollow mystery at its center. Wednesday Adams (Ortega) is content to terrorize the students of her high school for daring to mess with her brother Pugsley (Isaac Ordonez). After an accident that causes her a lot of trouble, Wednesday's parents - Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (Luis Guzman) - think it best that she finally attends Nevermore, the Academy of Outcasts. Wednesday hates being sent to the same school as her parents, especially her mother, intent on carving out her own space rather than living in Morticia's shadow. Shortly after arriving in Nevermore, Wednesday is thrust into a crime mystery: Students and local townspeople Normie have been murdered by an unknown monster, and she teams up with Sheriff Galpin (Jamie McShane) to keep everyone else from harm. 

we have made a Wednesday trivia you have to watch the show to answer the Questions let's play and have fun winning Quiz night has a few Questions to know how well you know Wednesday to test your knowledge, Take This trivia quiz Wednesday Quiz,


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