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How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 6 Quiz

How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 6 Quiz

Welcome back NationTV, Lucifer is a popular Television show, Lucifer Morningstar is the Fallen Angel a character from the DC world, and is based on Sandman's Comic book. The series was originally on the Fox platform, and three seasons were produced, but it was canceled and the Netflix platform, at the request of the fans, renewed the series for another three seasons. The series tells the story of The Devil when he decides to leave Hell and start living his life among humanity, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) goes by many names The Lightbringer, The Morningstar Angel Samael, Lord of hell, Beelzebub, and so many names,

the series has a lighter tone in the three first seasons Where Satan and his Partner the detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) catch bad guys satan is a protagonist on the show, Lucifer in the comics is a powerful being he's considered the second most powerful character after his father God, while on the show we see him as a weak character in terms of powers, The show is a bit different from his Neil Sandman comic books as we see a different Lucifer Morningstar unlike Gwendoline Lucifer who cares about humans,

the show in season 6 tells the story of morningstar's Family where Lucifer's daughter tries to kill him because he left her and her mom and later on she knows why he left her it was because a murderer was going to kill him because he wanted to go to heaven, but Lucifer saves his daughter and discovers why hell doesn't need a warden so he decided to save the damned souls from hell,

Let's See How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Morningstar Season 6 Quiz

Michael did this to plant doubt in Chloe's head, telling him that Lucifer is immune to being around her again. This makes Chloe wonder if Lucifer loves her because he never said those three words to her. Michael also instills suspicion in Amenadiel's mind by telling him that Charlie has caught a cold, which only means that he is only human rather than an angelic being. He says things that make Amenadiel angry and he loses his grip on his powers which causes him to freeze in time. A fight begins between the angel brothers.

God Almighty appears and commands his children to stop fighting just as he hates them when they fight. Soon the brothers put their battle aside. God came to earth to spend time, especially with Lucifer, to make up for all the time he missed with his son. At first, he has difficulty connecting with Lucifer as he keeps pushing his father away, telling him the damage is irreversible, but they reunite. When God announces that he is retiring, Lucifer is at first excited that he can be a new God,

Lucifer Morningstar is a show who introduced to us fictional Characters Like Lucifer played by the actor (Tom Ellis) Chloe Decker Played by the actress (Lauren German) Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside)

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