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The Originals: 5 Biggest Betrayals That Made a Significant Impact

5 Biggest Betrayals In The Originals that Made A Significant Impact

The Originals: 5 Biggest Betrayals That Made a Significant Impact
Betrayals In The Originals That Made a Significant Impact 

Welcome back NationTV. The Originals is spin-off series from The Vampire Diaries The Main Character of The Vampire Diaries start facing a group of villains that are superior in every way the original family is the oldest vampires in history, The Originals is set in New Orleans, which is home to vampires, werewolves, and witches. There are a lot of supernatural factions on the show that continue to vie for power. In the middle, you have the paranoid but very powerful Mikaelson. This makes for great storytelling. While some fans may find The Originals slow or lacking in pacing compared to TVD, this is how it tells its stories. Every arc of The Originals is filled with manipulation, lies, deceit, and betrayal that no one else sees. These betrayals greatly affected the story and added shock value to the originals.



The Originals Season 1 introduced us to a new character in the form of Davina Claire, the powerful Harvest Girl who served as Marcel's secret weapon against the Mikaelsons. However, despite her vow to end Klaus once and for all, she has aligned herself with the original Mikaelson on several occasions. Having fallen in love with Kol Mikaelson puts her life on the line to bring Kol back and eventually succeeds in doing so. But the ancestors had an ulterior motive and resurrected Kol, but also cursed him which led to Davina's death. A devastated Kol asks for Freya's help to save Davina and put her in protective confines.

But when Freya realized she could use Davina as a means to get the power from the ancestors to finish off the upgraded original Lucian, she with Elijah's approval went ahead with it, with an even worse fate resulting in Davina's soul being ripped to pieces. Kol tried his best to prevent this from happening but was powerless because Elijah stopped him. Kol was devastated that he lost the love of his life and his family played a role in her death. Interestingly, Klaus was against this decision and asked Elijah to find a different way to deal with Lucien.



You can always trust a Mikaelson alongside another Mikaelson, but you can always trust a Mikaelson to betray another Mikaelson. Usually, Klaus is the one who daggers his siblings. But when Elijah daggered Klaus in the second episode of Season 2 "When The Levee Breaks," it was unexpected and no one saw it coming. Klaus believes Hayley and Hope are safer with him. As long as they were closer to him, he would be able to protect them. Hayley thought they had a much better chance while with the Wolves. Elijah and Klaus share a mistrust as they have different strategies for dealing with Dahlia. Hayley convinces Elijah that Klaus is too much in his head and that he can't work in harmony with the wolves to protect Hope. Elijah wields a gold dagger made by Kol that succeeds in daggers Klaus Mikaelson.



When Genevieve returns from the grave, a deeply buried secret resurfaces. In 1919, Rebekah and Marcel conspire against Klaus. They were both in love and wanted to be together, but Klaus was against their relationship. Believing they can never change Klaus, they decide to conjure Mikaelson. Marcel gives Klaus' location to Mikael on the condition that he and Rebekah be together and that they are spared.



Marcel Gerard is saved by Klaus, who saw a part of himself in the child, the one who gave the name "Marcel" to the little boy. Klaus changed his ways to become a better father to Marcel. he may not have been born a Mikaelson, but he's always been a Mikaelson fanatic for his loyalty. However, their relationship suffered a crack when Marcel called Mikael over Klaus and forced the Mikaelsons to flee.

However, their relationship is repaired despite the power struggle between Marcel and Klaus in the first season. Marcel saved Hope's life in Season 1, fought against Dahlia in Season 2, and even served as a mole for the Mikaelsons by joining forces with the Strix. One would think that for such loyalty, the Mikaelsons would take good care of Marcel. But when the Mikaelsons became the cause of Davina's death, Marcel lost all faith. He pointed out the hypocrisy of the Mikaelson family. Klaus tried to calm Marcel down and apologized. Klaus opens himself up to Marcel, sharing their first memories, and almost convinces him. But Elijah arrived on the scene full of paranoia and ripped Marcel's heart, throwing it over a bridge.



Although Freya's intentions were pure, she didn't see how her actions set in motion a chain of events that affected the Mikaelson family greatly. In the fifth episode of the season, "The Kindness of Strangers", the Mikaelson siblings find themselves at Chambre De Chasse. They must work as a team to escape from it. As they begin to uncover clues, they discover that Chambre De Chasse was built by Freya. Freya makes it clear to her that Hope deserves to make decisions for herself and that she is only helping Hope. But by reuniting the family, she allowed Hope to extract the Hollow's soul from the Mikaelson siblings and place it all inside herself. This slowly leads to Hope insisting as she is not strong enough to withstand such dark magic. In the end, Klaus takes all the dark magic and ends himself. Elijah also participates in the sacrifice.

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