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5 Reasons Why Originals is Better Than TVD

5 Reasons Why Originals is Better Than TVD

Hey, you! Welcome back to NationTV. Vampire Diaries has gained so much fame and popularity that it has produced a spin-off show called “The Originals”. A backdoor pilot for this spin-off in The Vampire Diaries season 4 followed Klaus and Elijah traveling to New Orleans where they came across a life-changing discovery. The Originals is the story of the Mikaelsons, recounting events that happened before TVD and giving viewers an in-depth exploration of the Mikaelson siblings' individual lives. Although there is no end to the comparisons between the two shows, some feel that TVD is superior while some disagree with this opinion. It all depends on how you see it. Today we're going to look from one perspective - the original shows are the best show!

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While the Originals are set in the same universe as TVD, they featured many new characters, spells, and magical items that we weren't aware of in The Vampire Diaries. One of the main problems with Vampire Diaries is that some of its biggest strengths have become its biggest weaknesses. The love triangle and the doppelgangers are the highlights of TVD. But the things themselves have become their limits due to their excessive use. Other stories on TVD were overshadowed by the love triangle, but viewers lost interest after a while. Likewise, the concept of doppelgangers was refreshing, but it got stale after a while. The originals avoided these problems by not getting too caught up in love triangles even though they had all the options (Elijah/Jackson/Hayley, Klaus/Aurora/Lucian, Klaus/Aurora/Cami). This is not to say that the originals didn't have romance, only their stories did have a healthy amount of romance in them, but more of the focus was on their central plot. It also could have toyed with the concept of doppelgangers (Tatia) but focused more on refreshing storylines.



Let's be honest, maybe the main reason people fell in love with the originals is because of the Mikaelson family. Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Kol first appeared in previous seasons of TVD. Viewers instantly fell in love with these characters. They've actually become more popular than TVD heroes like Damon, Stefan, and Elena. But here's the catch, while characters like Damon, Stefan, and Elena have darkness inside of them, they are the heroes trying to do the right thing most of the time. But the main protagonists in the originals aren't really heroes, one could even argue that they are villains. We see the story from their point of view so we sympathize with them, belittle their evil deeds, and forgive all their sins. These characters aren't your typical good and bad characters, but they are made up of many layers of gray. Their motives, desires, and needs are very complex and one cannot oversimplify and define their character based on a single scene or episode. You have to explore their story in depth to get a better understanding of each character. Also, the fact that these so-called "heroes" are capable of doing actions you couldn't even imagine being committed by a villain.

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One of the main criticisms about TVD is that it was centered around teenagers, while their main audience base was teenagers, and the show was a hit with them. But with more adult audiences, the show has struggled to keep them captivated. TVD had certain limitations regarding storytelling, dialogues, and scenes that wouldn't make much sense when your main characters were "teenagers." But with the originals, you have vampires that are almost a thousand years old. So it makes sense that the storylines involving them should be mature and realistic. These characters don't have to worry about passing exams or spending time together at a sleepover. It deals with larger, meaningful themes of life, family, and marriage.



Every show is incomplete without an antagonist, it's a villain who pushes the main character to the limits, and in that misfortune, the character becomes the "hero". A problem with The Vampire Diaries is the ridiculous plot shield. Although the show has delivered menacing and terrifying villains throughout its eight seasons; From the Mikaelsons, and Silas to Cade, the fact is that the Mystic Falls Gang has always managed to beat all odds, defeating the bad guys the "Hollywood" way. But the originals didn't suffer from this problem, despite the fact that its main characters are indomitable vampires who can't be easily defeated, the show has managed to deliver compelling villains. Some of them were no match for the originals in terms of strength and power but still surpassed the Mikaelsons. The Trinity, Marcel, and The Strix got the best of the Mikaelsons at times. The show explored its lore, introducing the TVD Universe's most powerful characters like Dahlia and Hollow. The Mikaelsons were beaten, and they had to suffer defeat, and there was no god that could save them. Hollow has forced the Mikaelson family apart. In the end, it took the lives of Elijah and Klaus



The show is dark and gritty. Not only are the storylines and plot captivating, but the acting is also very compelling. The show featured skilled actors who played their roles effortlessly. The story takes place in New Orleans, a city with cultural significance and a history of legends associated with it. New additions like Marcel and Freya are very sophisticated. They steal the show in certain scenes. Their dynamics with Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and others drive the plot even further and help bring out the different sides of the characters. The constant struggle for power between the various supernatural factions is essential throughout all seasons. Regardless of the main plot of the season, the politics and dynamic between the superhero factions are pretty awesome. They are not vampires versus werewolves, but witches and various groups of vampires who conspire against the Mikaelsons.

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